12 Best Cases/Accessories for Apple AirTag You Can Buy

After months of incessant leaks and rumors, AirTag has finally seen the light of the day. And if you have kept track of Apple’s tracking device, you may already be familiar with a ton of details. Designed to expand the Find My ecosystem, the AirTag enables iPhone users to locate items. If you have already ordered the item tracker or are planning to buy one soon, you must be exploring the best cases and accessories for AirTag. If my prediction is bang on, you are at the right place to find a suitable case, holder, or strap for your all-new tracking tile.

Best AirTag Accessories You Can Buy

Pretty much as expected, several accessory makers have launched cases and other accessories like holders, keyrings, mounts, and loops for the AirTag. But which one of them looks right on the money for your specific needs? If uncompromised protection is on top of your mind, a rugged case for AirTag could be the answer. However, should you think of style and elegance, a pretty sophisticated AirTag case/holder could be the way to go.

But what if you are hunting for an executive profile? Well, there are a handful of professional-looking AirTag accessories handcrafted with genuine leather available as well. Now that you have a fair idea about what I have lined up for you, let’s check out the best Apple AirTag accessories.

1. Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring

If you have set your sight on picking a premium accessory for your AirTag, be sure to check out Apple AirTag Key Ring. The keyring is made out of high-quality European leather with a soft-touch finish. While the genuine leather gives a pro look and feel to the ring, the stainless steel endows both durability and style.

Apple AirTag leather key ring

The key ring fits securely over AirTag. Thus, you can bank on it to prevent your item tracker from falling off. Priced at $35, the Apple Leather Key Ring comes in three color variants, including baltic blue, product red, and saddle brown.

Buy from Apple: $35

2. Spigen AirTag Rugged Armor Case: Uncompromised Protection for Apple’s Tracking Device

If you are looking for a protective yet ultra-compact case for your AirTag, give serious consideration to the Spigen Rugged Armor case. Made of soft and flexible TPU, this case can endure shock and keep scuffs at a fair distance. Thanks to the inclusion of a carabiner, you can securely attach your AirTag to anything.

The carabiner will come in super handy in securing the tracking device to your gear when you’re out traveling. With all of these impressive features, Spigen’s Rugged Armor case seems like one of the best AirTags cases at its price point.

Buy from Spigen: $19.99

3. Apple AirTag Leather Loop

Showcasing top-of-the-line craftsmanship, Apple AirTag Leather Loop doesn’t take long to hold your attention. The loop is neatly crafted with tanned European leather. The precision finish coupled with the visible stitching adds a premium touch to its profile.

Design aside, the leather loop stays securely attached, ensuring AirTag remains tightly in place. So, you will remain worry-free about the safeguard of your item tracker. Though the leather loop is quite expensive at $39, given the premium craftsmanship, you can’t just go wrong with it.

Buy from Apple: $39

4. Spigen AirTag Valentinus Case

This is yet another AirTag case from Spigen that has managed to catch my attention! As compared to its rugged sibling, Spigen Valentinus sports a more sophisticated profile. Carved out of PU leather, this AirTag case feels more comfortable in the palm. And with the neat craftsmanship, it looks ever-ready to be a good match for your executive items.

In terms of protection, the Spigen Valentinus AirTag case lives up to the expectation. So, you can count on it to keep your tracking tile protected from minor shock and scratches. Priced at $19.99, it comes in only a black color variant. It is elegant and one of the best cases for Apple AirTag to buy for your item tracker.

Buy from Spigen: $19.99

5. dbrand AirTag Grip Cases with Skins

If you want to have a wide variety of colors to ramp up the style quotient of your items, look no further than dbrand’s Grip Cases for Apple AirTags. They are thoughtfully crafted and come in a ton of color variants. So, it doesn’t matter what sort of color combination you are hunting for your item tracker, dbrand has you covered. The case is available in a single black color, but you can apply colorful skins to the tracker itself.

The Grip Cases feature a form-fitting design that enables them to fit snuggly over the AirTags. Thanks to the secure attachment point, you can place the item trackers on bags, purses, or other items. Priced at $19.95, dbrand AirTag Grip Cases will be available in May.

Buy from dbrand: $19.95

6. Belkin AirTag Secure Holder with Key Ring/Strap

Equipped with the twist and lock design, Belkin Secure Holder is one of the best AirTag accessories you should pick to attach to your belongings. You can use the holder to attach the item tracker to almost anything, be it a backpack, purse, or water bottle.

The holder keeps AirTag secure inside the durable shell. Thus, you can count on it to ward off random impact and also shield the item tracker against scratches. Thanks to the protective edges, the holder has got the additional safeguards to fight out scuffs.

Protection aside, the Belkin Secure Holder sports a lightweight and open design, ensuring the famed Apple logo or the personalized engravings exposed remain exposed. Hence, it won’t kill your style in favor of the defense against drops and scratches. Depending on your needs, you can choose to buy it with a ring or a strap. In terms of colors, AirTag Secure Holder comes in multiple color variants, including blue, white, black, and red.

Buy from Apple: $12.95 (Secure Holder with Strap)

Buy from Apple: $12.95 (Secure Holder with Key Ring)

7. AirTag Hermès Bag Charm: Luxurious AirTag Accessory

Hermès has a reputation for producing luxurious accessories. And pretty much on the expected line, the noted accessory maker has come up with a premium AirTag case called “Bag Charm”. Handcrafted by artisans in France, it has got the look to steal attention with very little effort

Bag Charm is available in Barénia leather/smooth Swift leather. While the high-quality leather gives it a premium look, the contrasting saddle stitching adds vintage appeal to the case. The eye-catching AirTag Hermès text etched with the iconic Clou de Selle signature further enhances the look of this accessory.

Buy from Apple: $299

8. Nomad AirTag Leather Keychain

Interestingly, Nomad unveiled the Leather Keychain much before Apple introduced the AirTag item tracker. Now that the item tracker has finally become a reality, Nomad has officially started taking pre-orders for the AirTag leather keychain. It will ship out to users sometime in July.

Due mainly to the genuine leather construction with neat craftsmanship, the keychain looks impressive. You can use it to attach your AirTag to a variety of terms. Additionally, it comes in two color variants (black and brown) and a price tag of $30.

Buy from Nomad: $29.95

9. AirTag Hermès Luggage Tag – Handcrafted with Heritage Barénia Leather

Just a glance at AirTag Hermès Luggage Tag, and you know that you are dealing with an item in its own league. The Luggage Tag showcases Hermès repertoire of producing praiseworthy luxury goods in all its glory.

Handcrafted with heritage Barénia leather, AirTag Luggage Tag makes a snug fit match with the item tracker. The contrast saddle stitching not only adorns the profile but strengthens the construction as well. While the whopping $450 price tag does seem extravagant, the rich craftsmanship makes it one of the best cases for AirTag.

Buy from Apple: $449

10. Nomad AirTag Glasses Strap

Nomad has also launched an elegant-looking Glasses Strap with a built-in AirTag holder. So, if you want to use the item tracker to keep a watch on your expensive sunglasses, Nomad’s Glasses strap could be worth checking out.

The strap features a TPU capsule that holds the AirTag tightly, making sure the glasses stay firmly placed. There are three attachment points here to offer a universal fit for all sizes of glasses. Priced at $29.95, Nomad Glasses Strap will ship in July.

Buy from Nomad: $29.95

11. Moment AirTag Mounts: Minimal AirTag Accessory

If simplicity and ease of use matter more to you, Moment AirTag Mounts could be your preferred choice. The mounts are ultra-lightweight and can stick on many items, including bags, clothes, or electronic devices. With the adhesive stick design, the mount also ensures that AirTags remain hidden and blend seamlessly with the surroundings.

Moment AirTag Mounts are available in three main variants, including a Hard Shell Mount, Curved Surface Mount, and Fabric Mount. The prices of these mounts range from $14.99 to $19.99. Though the pre-order for Moment Mounts have already kickstarted, they won’t ship until July.

Buy from Moment: $14.99 -$19.99

12. AirTag Hermès Key Ring

Should you wish to opt for a top-of-the-line key ring that can make a great match with your premium items, AirTag Hermès Key Ring could be the runaway choice. Crafted with heritage Barénia leather/smooth Swift leather, the key ring exhibits irresistible appeal.

The contrast saddle stitching adds a classy touch to the profile. And with the iconic AirTag Hermès etched with the iconic Clou de Selle signature, the key ring makes its presence felt right away.

Buy from Apple: $349

Top AirTag Cases, Key Rings, and Mounts For You

There you go! So, that wraps up this roundup of the best AirTag accessories. With a wide variety of user-friendly and elegant accessories to choose from, I hope you’ve jazzed up your item tracker with a suitable companion. Is it the stylish glasses strap that caught your eye, or is it the luxurious AirTag key ring that managed to win you over? I would be glad to know your favorite AirTag accessories in the comments section below. Besides, share your thoughts on Apple’s Tile competitor and how well it matches with the recently launched Samsung Galaxy SmartTag in the market.

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