Android Messages Could Get GIF Browser and Google Account Linking

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Google has just started rolling out version 3.0 of the Android Messages app to all users around the world, but as expected, the company is already working on the next iteration. While v3.1 isn’t expected to bring any major new features either in terms of functionality or aesthetics, an APK teardown by Android Police suggests this one pushes the app closes to being able to work on the web, and could bring a native GIF browser, and the option to link a Google Account to Android Messages in the future.

Android Messages for the Web

The APK teardown seemingly confirms earlier reports that Google is working on a web-interface for Android Messages, albeit, the name has apparently been tweaked slightly from ‘Messages for Web’ to ‘Android Messages for web’.

GIF Browser

Android Messages is also believed to be working towards introducing built-in GIF support within the app, which will help users easily add gifs to their messages even if their default keyboards don’t support the feature natively.

<string name="c2o_category_name_gif">GIFs</string>
<string name="mediapicker_gif_title">Search GIFs</string>

Linking a Google Account

Google is also believed to be adding an option for users to link their Google Account to Android Messages for what the company says will be ‘a more personalized experience’.

<string name="connect_to_gaia_title">Connect your Google Account</string>
<string name="account_selected">account selected</string>

It’s worth noting here that not all of these functionalities are guaranteed to be rolled out to the app, seeing as many of features referenced in APKs don’t often see the light of the day for months, if at all.

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