Amazon Pay Will Now Help You Unload Your Rs 2,000 Notes; Here’s How!

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Back in May 2023, the Central Reserve Bank of India (RBI) decided to pull Rs 2,000 notes out of circulation from the Indian Economy. According to RBI, the introduction was to make “currencies of other denominations” available in adequate quantity. Now, since that objective has been fulfilled, Rs 2,000 notes have outlived their purpose. So, for those of you who are frantically trying to get rid of your Rs 2,000 notes, Amazon has decided to come to your rescue. Keep reading to find out how.

Deposit Rs 2,000 Notes To Your Amazon Pay Balance!

Amazon now allows you to simply give your Rs 2,000 note to the Amazon delivery agent for your next cash-on-delivery order. This will allow the delivery partner to directly “load cash directly into your Amazon Pay Wallet” right at your doorstep. Amazon is calling this the Cash Load at Doorstep Service.

Since the amount is directly deposited into your Amazon Pay wallet, you will not require a bank account. You will be able to make bill payments, pay at Amazon, use the balance for recharges, and much more with a simple 1-click process. However, do remember that you can deposit up to Rs 50,000 to your Amazon Pay wallet every month. This includes Rs 2,000 denomination notes as well.

Commenting on this service, Vikas Bansal, the Whole-time Director at Amazon Pay India, said, “Staying true to our mission, we will continue to provide holistic experiences to our customers by facilitating such simplified solutions and further catalyze the digital payments revolution in India.

Before you get too excited, a few things to keep in mind. You are only eligible for this feature if and only if you are fully KYCed. In case you are, it’s all well and good. In the event that you are not, you must first complete your Video KYC on the Amazon app. It will take you hardly 10 minutes to do so. Once done, you become eligible for the cash unload feature of Amazon Pay. In case you need help, visit the Amazon Pay support page.

With shopkeepers and vendors rejecting to accept the Rs 2,000 denomination notes, this should provide some respite to all of us. not to mention, increase the volume of sales for Amazon. With that being said, what do you make of this new service from Amazon? Are you going to benefit from it? Do let us know in the comments down below.

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