Amazon Halo fitness bracelet feat.

Amazon’s New “Halo Fitness Bracelet” Creates a 3D Scan of Your Body

Amazon Halo fitness bracelet feat.

Amazon has finally stepped into the fitness tracker world with its brand new product ‘halo’- a fitness bracelet.

The wristband does not look like a regular fitness tracking device as this has no display. The wearable is packed with sensors. The wearable can measure a lot of things like body temperature, sleep quality, current mood (determined based on the pitch of wearer’s voice). And all these factors are measured using an AI algorithm.

The app allows you to make a 3D image of yourself so that it’s easier to track the progress. To do that, the users must upload a few photos of themselves wearing fitted clothes to the app, and then it produces a very realistic image of the body with body fat information.

Amazon claims that they have done a few things to protect the privacy of their users like the user’s data won’t be stored on servers rather it will be locally stored on the user’s smartphone. The voice data which will be used for mood analysis will also be deleted and will not reach Amazon.

Amazon has also said that they will provide an option to switch off the integrated microphone on the bracelet.

As of now, the product is only available in the USA. However, we can soon expect it to launch in other countries.

You can get the bracelet for a price of $65 (~Rs 4,759). And it also comes with a subscription model for the voice analysis and other AI functions which is an additional $3.99 (~Rs 290) a month. However, if you don’t want to subscribe, well that’s okay too. You will still have access to some of the features like sleep tracking, steps tracking, and sleep evaluation.

The company recently released an introductory video about the “Halo” bracelet on YouTube which you can check out right below.

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