AI traffic feat.

This AI Traffic System Can Monitor Roads and Spot Incidents Autonomously

AI traffic feat.

As the dream of a smart city is slowly progressing, many companies are developing new tech to reduce human efforts. And at the core of these technologies lies Artificial Intelligence (AI). Similarly, two tech companies collaborated with each other to create an AI-based automated traffic system. This can spot any inappropriate incident on the roads and alert the emergency services automatically.

The Currux Vision Smart City AI solution is a system that uses surveillance cameras to monitor a specific part of a road and report any incident that occurs on the roads. The system works by using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse the roads and spot any inapt incident such as hit-and-run or an accident.

Developed by the Currux Vision Corp, an artificial intelligence and deep learning solutions company, in collaboration with video surveillance camera makers, Costar Technologies. Recently, the company installed the system on the traffic system of the City of Grapevine, Texas. Testing the Currux Vision Smart City AI solution revealed that the system can accurately spot an incident almost 95-98% of the time. It can also categorise vehicles and count the total number of vehicles travelling on the road.

Costar Technologies reported that they have tested the system under various conditions like day, night, rain, partial camera view obstruction and camera vibrations. However, the system performed more or less the same in every situation.

The main aim of this system is to provide various Department of Transportations (DOTs), the municipals and the military with a smart solution to monitor and survey roads with ease. The Currux Vision product comes with an edge and near-edge processing abilities, powerful and flexible back-end capabilities and is quite easy to install and operate

Mathiew Bais, the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Costar Technologies said, “For the past two years Costar has tested numerous video analytics solutions that our municipal, DOT, and private customers require with various degrees of success and accuracy. The Currux Vision AI system brings the accuracy, flexibility, ease of installation and use, and the price point that we believe is required for wide acceptance by cities and DOTs,”

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