5 Most Amazing One Page Websites

5 Most amazing one page websites

In last post i wrote about, how to go viral on Internet, there i mentioned that Creativity is loved in all forms by all kinds of people, here i am going to prove it.

If you are creative with whatever you do on web, chances are bright that you’ll be noticed sooner or later. Similar is the case with what we have in this post for you.

Here we have 5 most amazing one page websites, these websites contains only one page but still people love them because of the creativity involved in their making.

Without much talking i’ll take you to some amazing one page websites on the web.

1.  This website challenges you to do nothing for 2 minutes and if you will touch your mouse in between, the timer will start again and your challenge starts a fresh.

Click here to visit the website.

2.  We don’t actually know the end of universe, no one knows but we do know from where it started. This website is a visual scale of universe, from starting point i.e. Planck Length to estimate size of universe.

Click here to visit the website.

3.  New Delhi is the capital of India but this place is well know for all types of crimes, if you can survive in New Delhi, you can survive anywhere in the world. This website is a list of “Things to do in New Delhi”.

Click here to visit the website.

4.  This website has a nice background music which tries to take you to a place which is free from all kinds of distractions, it is like an online meditation. This is a quiet place.

Click here to visit the website.

5.  This websites will take you to the end of Internet, seriously.

Click here to visit the website.

Let us know in comments below the post if you come across any equally creative one page website.

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