NYT Strands Today: Hints, Spangram & Answers for June 25

Do you need some help with today’s Strands puzzle? To get the answers for NYT Strands today, you need to put on your special shoes, shine your bowl, and dominate the skittles. So, let’s see the letters you need to connect to get the answer and Spangram for today’s NYT Strands. This guide includes a few simple hints for Strands on June 25.

How to Play NYT Strands

Before we get to the puzzle for today, here’s a quick rundown of how you can play NYT Strands for new players:

  • Using your mouse or fingers (if on a touchscreen), you need to connect letters on a grid to form words. You can drag your mouse to connect letters vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.
  • Look for the Spangram or the central theme word, which will help you make more sense of the Strands theme.
  • Apart from the Spangram, you need to find other theme words in the puzzle, finding all of which will solve the puzzle.

However, if you want detailed tips and tricks, check out our guide on how to play NYT Strands.

Today’s Theme for NYT Strands

As revealed by the New York Times, the theme for today’s Strands is — FRAME GAME

Hints for Today’s Strands

Spoiler Warning #1:

Even though we try our best to be subtle, the hints below might partially spoil the experience. You’ve been warned.

Every Strands game has that one Spangram that you need to decipher and today’s was no exception. The hint for today’s Spangram is — TEN PINS.

If you have figured out the Spangram from the above hint, figuring out the theme words will be easy. However, I don’t want to ruin it for you. Instead, here are some hints that may help you:

  • Hint 1: Banana _____
  • Hint 2: Eaten on Thanksgiving
  • Hint 3: Synonym to path

While you are here, go and check out the hints and answers for today’s NYT Connections here.

If these hints are not enough for you to find the Spangram and related theme words, you can fill the in-game hint meter and unlock hints. For today’s Strands, here are some random words we found in my quest to find the theme words — SNIP, SNIPE, BORE, WORE, KILT, STIR, PRASE, GILL, YELL, TINT, TERRET, and TINY.

Spoiler Warning #2:

The next sections reveal the answers for today’s NYT Strands. So, I’d recommend not scrolling further if you are still solving the puzzle. However, if you are stuck, I suggest scrolling a wee bit to see the Spangram answer.

Today’s NYT Strands Answers (June 25)

Today’s Strands Spangram

The Spangram for today’s NYT Strands puzzle is — BOWLING. As for the direction, the Spangram runs from left to right in the letters grid.

Today’s Strands Answers

If you have scrolled this far, you are probably ready to see the answers. So, let’s take a look at today’s theme words in Strands:

  • LANE
  • PINS
strands june 25

While solving today’s Strands game, I first stumbled upon PINS at the bottom right. Then, I found a few random words before ALLEY came forth on the right side of the grid. While the them wasn’t yet clear to me just yet, I continued my search and found STRIKE at the bottom left.

This is when I realized that the theme for today was related to BOWLING, so I started looking for it and found the Spangram soon after. My word quest then led me to find LANE and SPARE. Finally, I found TURKEY, GUTTER, and SPLIT in quick succession to end today’s puzzle.

Yesterday’s Strands Answers

If you have arrived here by mistake and are looking for the answers and the Spangram to the June 24 Strands puzzle, find yesterday’s NYT Strands answers.

Well, today was another day of not having to use any hints! What about you? On a scale of 1-10, how difficult do you think was today’s Strands? Let us know in the comments below.

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