Google has launched a new website that it calls “Recover Together” for helping people recover from addictions. The website incorporates a map user interface so that people can easily find support resources like meetings and pharmacies that supply Naloxone, a drug that prevents overdose by opioids without being asked for a prescription.

The software giant has partnered with the Recovery Resource Hub for adding in all the resource locations on the map. Users can use the search box provided in the map UI to find resources based on specific regions. The website has been launched as Google’s contribution to the National Recovery Month.

To make the accessibility of this new website much easier, Google will be adding a link to this new site right below the search box of Google. The website will be limited to the United States as of now and may expand to more countries in the future.

Google also recommends referring to addicts with more euphemistic words. For instance, an “Addict/Alcoholic/Junkie” should be referred to something like “a person with, or suffering from, addiction or substance use disorder”.

“The leaders of the modern recovery movement ask us all to be thoughtful with the words we use around addiction and recovery. Some common terms, even those historically used by those in recovery, can reinforce stigma and even discourage people struggling with addiction from seeking treatment.”, reads Google recover together page.

In case you can’t find a resource near your area, Google suggests you get some online help from a Facebook Group moderated by the Voices Project. This will help a lot of people who are either unwilling or embarrassed to seek help in the real world.

So, what are your thoughts on this step by Google towards fighting addiction and helping people recover from addictions? Let us know in the comments.