Instagram Reels Bug Causing Videos to Get Stuck at 0 Views


A new bug on Instagram’s TikTok-like short-video feature, Instagram Reels, is showing 0 views on users’ videos, even after days of posting them. Several users have taken their concerns to online platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. Since yesterday, the reports about this annoying 0-view bug for Instagram Reels have been pouring in.

Now, for those unaware, Facebook-owned social giant Instagram started testing its short-form video service Reels back in 2019. The company launched Instagram Reels in India right after the government banned the popular short-video platform TikTok last year. It instantly became pretty popular as many popular influencers switched to it, and since its release, Instagram has even tested ads in-between Reels to capitalize on the content.

However, a recent bug on Reels is causing videos to get stuck at zero views for users. A substantial number of users have reported that their Reels videos are stuck at “0 views” even after two or three days of posting them. Users say that they can see the number of likes and comments on Reels, but the view count stays at zero. Here are a few examples:

Now, it seems like the bug doesn’t affect all users on Instagram. However, as per the growing number of tweets, it seems to have affected a large number of users.

There is no real fix to this yet and the company has not addressed the issue, as of writing this article. However, considering Instagram is focusing more on video-sharing functions and features, as confirmed by its CEO, we can expect the company to fix the issue sooner rather than later.

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  • Monika Pant says:

    Same happened with me as well .. please fix it

  • null says:

    Happening again. Gaining likes but views stuck at 0.

  • Kanak says:

    Remove this bug plzz as soon as possible and I want to reshow the actual views on that glitch reel

  • wee says:

    my first bug i’m crying………

  • null says:

    Had the same issue today

  • Nirmala Raghavadoss says:

    Why is it that there are zero views for my reel since yesterday even though I can view the likes and comments

  • Navi says:

    Same with me. posted a reel and shows good performance based on likes and reach but shows 0 plays. Please restore the plays count ASAP

  • Alexander says:

    Getting the zero count bug now as well on a video I posted last night. The night before I had no problems.

  • Test says:

    Seems this bug is back

    • insta user says:

      yup getting the same bug, reel stuck at 0 views even with likes and count, as of 15 december 2021

      • Vani Angasta says:

        omg.. yes!!! 15 dec now and its happening again

      • Test 2 says:

        oh yes!! same here

      • sani miah says:

        Got the exact same problem uploaded earlier today

      • Kim says:

        It just happened to me today.

    • Steph says:

      Yes just happened to me as well! But I’m still getting likes and comments 😦. Very annoying

    • Sadhana Nidhi says:

      Yes, happening to me right now

  • Darwin meena says:

    Hey Instagram company or Instagram if you are seeing this comment so please help me I have a problem on my official Instagram account. And the problem is that my accounts reel bug is not fixing. I have reported 5 to 10 times but it doesn’t worked. Or effected to my Instagram account or Instagram .

  • nitesh says:


  • R7anubis says:

    hmm, sus

  • Sawan Patel says:


  • Nilesh says:


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