facebook logo new

Facebook Has a New Logo to Represent All Things Facebook

facebook logo new

Leave it to Facebook to be in trouble over issues such as user-privacy, selling personal data, and allowing election campaign ads full of lies (unlike Twitter), and still focus on designing a logo over everything else.

That’s apparently exactly what the company has been working on, at least to some extent, as it has now unveiled a new logo for itself. The logo is simply the words “Facebook” in a custom typeface that is “designed for clarity” and for creating a “visual distinction between the company and app”.

The company will reportedly use this brand new logo on its apps. So we’ll soon be seeing “Instagram from Facebook”, “WhatsApp from Facebook”, and maybe even “Facebook from Facebook” which just sounds hilarious. Either way, instead of just putting “from Facebook” in plain text alongside the names of its apps, the company will be using this logo, which also comes in different colours signifying its platforms; there’s green for WhatsApp, blue for the Facebook app, and a pink-orange colour for Instagram. The company uploaded a GIF showing the new logo cycling between these colours as well.

Speaking about the new logo, Antonio Lucio, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer said, “People should know which companies make the products they use”. Lucio also told Bloomberg that the company did consider changing the parent company’s name, but decided against it since they didn’t want to seem as though they were hiding from their problems. Associating apps like WhatsApp and Instagram more directly to Facebook makes people like Facebook, the company, more, according to him.

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