Being on Facebook is all about being in control – whether it is controlling people’s idea of your life or your brand’s persona. And you can do this through ads, pages, groups and events, but how many of you actually create a new event or a new group on Facebook?

To get that number up, Facebook is now adding a new “Create” button on the top bar adjacent to the Home button on one side and Friend Requests icon on the other. Clicking on the button opens up a list of options and lets you create new entities on Facebook.

Facebook Adds New "Create" Button to Make Users Use Ads, Events More Frequently

In the drop-down list, you get the choices to create a new Facebook page for promoting your brand, an advertisement to jumpstart posts from the pages you own, a group to bring together people with similar interests, or an event for a special cause or celebration.

The new tab is a handy shortcut for creators, growth hackers, or digital influencers who rely on Facebook for communicating with their followers as well as for brands which posts post very actively on Facebook to keep their users engaged.

Facebook Adds New "Create" Button to Make Users Use Ads, Events More Frequently
Old vs new interface

Earlier, in order to create pages, events, groups, and to manage ads, you could click on the downward-facing triangle beside the Help button on the top bar. Now that Facebook is adding a dedicated button, it (presumably) expects users to create more of these entities and not just react to dank memes about cats, dogs, or depression.

The Create button is not available for all users yet and should roll out to others over the coming weeks. We tried searching for a similar option in the Android app but couldn’t find any. As far as the benefits of the new button go, we’ll keep you updated with those as we learn them ourselves.