Valorant PBE (Public Beta Environment): Release Date, Sign Up, Client Download and More

Riot To Launch a Public Beta Environment for Valorant

Nearly a year after launching its tactical FPS title Valorant, developer Riot Games has announced the launch of a dedicated PBE, which is short for Public Beta Environment for the game. These are essentially test servers that give interested players a chance to try out new features, game mechanics, and new agents, among other things, to fix bugs before the stable version goes live. So, if you are a Valorant enthusiast like myself, you have come to the right place. Buckle up, here’s everything you need to know about the Valorant PBE program, including the sign up process, client download, release date, and more.

Valorant PBE (Public Beta Environment): All You Need to Know

We will detail everything you need to know about Valorant PBE, including the sign up process, eligibility criteria, release date, and more in this article. Use the table below to jump to the relevant section.

What is Valorant PBE?

Valorant PBE is similar to Riot’s League of Legends PBE that allows select players to use a separate client and test servers to try out unreleased features, game modes, agents, maps, and other things in Valorant. These upcoming features might not eventually make their way to the stable version of the game if they are too glitchy or problematic. But yeah, the test server will enable Riot Games to fix nagging bugs and technical issues to improve Valorant in the long run.

Valorant PBE: Release Date

As per the official announcement, the Valorant PBE program will launch on July 9. The developers said that the PBE will be “selectively available” for invited players and open “over one weekend before each new patch, two weekends prior to the normal Tuesday live date.

Valorant PBE: Eligibility Criteria

Now, to join the Valorant PBE program, players must fulfill a few given requirements. As per Riot, a player joining the beta program must:

  • Have no current bans or restrictions relating to their account.
  • Be in the North America region and consistently play from there.

So if players fulfill these two requirements, they can apply for the PBE program. Also, the developers point out that you won’t be using a second account for the public beta test. It will be the same as your primary Riot account. So if your account gets banned on PBE, it means your primary Live account will get banned as well.

How to Sign up for Valorant PBE

Now, coming to the application process, you can follow the steps below to apply for the Valorant public beta environment.

1. Open your web browser and go to the Valorant PBE apply page.

2. Click the “Apply Here” button on this page.

3. Sign in with your Riot account.

4. Click on “Download” to get the PBE Client. As is the case with the official client, you will need to verify your DOB (Date of Birth) for the download.

5. Install the Valorant PBE Client onto your PC.

6. Sign in to Valorant PBE using the registered account details.

Now, it is worth mentioning that downloading and installing the Valorant PBE client does not guarantee that Riot will let you access the test servers. Following the registration, the developers will send an email to your registered email ID, confirming they have received your application. Riot will then assess if your account meets all the criteria.

If you are selected for the public beta, you will receive a second email from Riot confirming that your registration has been accepted. This email will also include further instructions on how you can access the PBE server once it goes live before a new patch.

Valorant PBE: Get Ready to Test Out New Agents, Maps & Features

If you are a Valorant enthusiast and want to get a taste of the new features, agents, and maps before they are released to the masses, I think you should register for the Valorant public beta program. However, if you don’t fulfill the given criteria, you cannot access the PBE server. So will you be applying for the Valorant public beta to join the test server? Do let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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