Top 5 Android Games Which You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

With so many different kinds of phones around these days it’s hard to know which one you should be looking at – especially if you’re not sure how you’ll be getting the most use out of it. It used to be that  phones were just for taking calls and sending the occasional message to a friend. Now, there is a whole world of information and entertainment available in that one small device, and if you’re not sure what it is that you’re planning to do with your new toy you might end up getting one that doesn’t support what you want to do. Android has become a leader in the mobile phone market. This is in part due to the fact that if you’re not using an iPhone chances are that you’re using an Android. The software is fast becoming the standard for mobile phone operating systems and because of that there is a wide range of software available that can play on any one of hundreds of potential handsets.

Once we hear the word Android Games the games that come to our mind are Angry birds, Temple run, Fruit Ninja etc….. but here are a few games which are not in the lime light.

1  Hambo

This is the topper of the list hands down! . This is a game by miniclip, inspired by the famous movie Rambo. In this game you are a pig commando, with a wide aresenal of wepons, your aim is to shoot at the targets without getting yourself killed, you are a frontline soldier and a one man army. There are tonnes of upgrades which you purchase at the store. This is an absolutely free game which promises countless hours of fun. The levels are entertaining and make you crave for more.

2  Great Little War Game

If you are a fan of Age Of Empires, you would love this one for sure.This is a turn based war game in which you are supposed to manage your resources and troops. The final aim of the game is to conquer the enemy head quarters.How ever there are survival levels and assassinate the enemy general levels too. Once you get hooked on to this game there si no coming out.You also get to experice those funny moments between the general Gizmo and the soldier Jerkins.You have to build troops, capture oil fields and buy upgrades in this game.

3  Where Is My Water?

This a hilarious game by Disney. In this puzzle game the objective is to deliver the in- accessible water to the crocodile who is frustrated at his bathroom.There are many levels which are sure to keep you engaged when you are bored or when you standing in long queues.The graphics are pretty neat and responsive.Everybody from kids to adults would love this game.There is also a sequel to this game called “Where’s My Perry” in which Perry the platypus from “Phineas and Ferb” TV show

4  Dragon, Fly!

A baby dragon tries to escape from it’s mother, but it is not able to fly properly, the objective is to glide through different slopes and move away from mama dragon , there are many bizarre worlds. This is a real time physics based game with simple controls.If the screen is touched the dragon cub comes down , you are supposed to guide the cub properly through the slopes.

5  NFS Shift.

We all have heard of the Need For Speed series of racing games. These games can be played on your Android handset too!. NFS shift is an accelerometer controlled game. Objective of the game? simple, finish first in the race!. This game will surely satisfy the inner racer in you. The graphics are a bit on the downside but it is compatible with most of the lower end devices. Because it’s a standard that’s used by many different manufacturers there is a lot of similarity between those phones that use Android. The UI and the set up might be different, but the software that runs the phone itself is identical. Because of this games designers and other app creators have no trouble in being able to make one piece of software and transferring that game to all the different Android phones around.

There are also limitless options when playing games directly over the Internet. Sites like Ladbrokes’ have designed their games to be playable on your phone anywhere and at any time. They are available to play here. This is just another reason why Android is the perfect place to play all your favorite games online or offline.

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