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These are the Games Coming to the PlayStation 4 Next Week

PlayStation fans, we now have the list of games coming to your favourite gaming console, thanks to the official PlayStation blog. Here are all the games you can play this week:

Abo Kashem

Abo Kashem is a comedy RPG where you wake up in the middle of nowhere and now have to figure out what happened to you. You and your only friend, a lizard, have to figure out a big conspiracy.

Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten DX

Defender’s Quest is a tower-defence/RPG hybrid game that focuses more on tactics and strategy than anything else. The game follows a character-driven story.

Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive comes with a new take on stealth gameplay, and takes place in an alternate universe. The game also has a co-op mode so you can team up with your friends and enjoy together.

These are the Games Coming to the PlayStation 4 Next Week

Past Cure

Past Cure is a dark, psychological thriller where you are a tortured soldier who had his mind experimented on. You have to use his world-bending powers and discover how his mind is being attacked. The game comes out on February 23.

Rad Rogers

Rad Rogers has been inspired by classic platformer games like Conker and Commander Keen. You, Rad, are sucked into your TV and are now in the middle of your own adventure game. Enjoy! The game comes out on February 21.

The Station

The Station takes place inside a remote space station that you’re sent to for investigating what happened to the crew stationed there.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

Sword Art Online throws you headfirst into a dangerous land with supersonic flying bullets, photon swords and a lot more. You can create your own Avatar to explore the world that’s coming your way on February 23.

These are the Games Coming to the PlayStation 4 Next Week


Symmetry is set in a futuristic, yet retro looking world where you’re a crew member aboard a research starship. You get marooned on an abandoned planet and now it’s up to you to ensure the survival of your group.

These are the Games Coming to the PlayStation 4 Next Week


Tiles calls itself a unique action puzzle game that will convolute your mind and burn your fingertips. If that description doesn’t get you excited about the game, nothing I can say ever will.

Xenon Valkyrie

A wicked witch lives on the moon, and your job is to explore the moon’s deepest recesses and defeat the witch. You’ll be fighting through a randomly generated world in this rogue-lite platformer game.

Premium Pool Arena

Premium Pool Arena is a pool game that you’ll love thanks to its different game modes and intuitive gameplay.

Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare is a vehicular battle game where, according to the PlayStation listing, “one shell and a split second can be all that stands between you and your victory.”

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