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11 Best Free Tools to Download and Install Drivers in Windows

10 Best Free Tools to Download and Install Drivers in Windows

Driver Fixers are smart utilities that fixes any driver problems in your system. These apps download and install missing or outdated drivers on your...
7 Best Encryption Software For Windows

8 Best Encryption Software for Windows

Regardless of whether they are used at workplace, or at home, We use our computers for storing a whole lot of private and confidential...
7 Best Music Player Software For Windows

7 Best Music Player Software For Windows

Out of the myriad array of tasks that we use our computers for on a daily basis, listening to music is probably one of...
How To Speed up Your Slow PC Computer (21 Tips)

21 Tips To Speedup Your PC

Personal Computers / Laptops don’t have an endless life, with time, both software and hardware wear out. This leads to slower PC performance and...
Windows 10 Home vs Pro

How To Create a Bootable USB For Windows 7, 8 or 10

If you have lost your Windows installation disc or the manufacturer of your PC didn’t provide the disc (most don’t provide now), then you...

10 Best Webcam Software

If your PC is running Windows 8.1, you’d be pretty much familiar with Windows Camera App — a simple-enough app that lets you capture...
best Selfie apps 2015

Top 15 Best Selfie Apps For Android, iOS And Windows Phone

When Selfies first started trending on social media, who would have thought they'd stay this long. It's not just a thing gone viral anymore,...
IcecreamPDF Converter

Top 5 Best Free PDF Converter Tools For Windows

PDF is one of the most widely used file format developed by Adobe system Inc. almost two decades ago. This file format is everywhere,...