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Shane Dawson’s ‘The Mind of Jake Paul’ Calls Out YouTube Prank Culture

The first episode of Shane Dawson's eight-part documentary series, "The Mind of Jake Paul," dropped yesterday, and it is probably the hottest video on...
YouTube is Removing Videos of Teenagers Eating Tide Pods Because It's Toxic

YouTube is Removing Tide Pod Challenge Videos After Toxic ‘Epidemic’

Like most detergents, Tide's marketing campaign is heavily funded to tell you that it is the best solution for yanking the dirt out of your...
life of a web designer is gifs2

The Story of A Web Designer’s Life in 15 GIFs

This post is powered by Webydo, A Leading Online Website Design Platform for Designers. In this post, I am going to share the story of a web...
Top 10 Goat Edition Videos of Popular Songs

Top 10 Goat Edition Videos of Popular Songs

Internet is going crazy over memes and parodies! Few days ago, Goats yelling like humans video went viral on the Internet and after some days, this...
The Making of Gangnam Style Video

The Making of Gangnam Style [Video]

South Korean singer Park Jae-sang's (aka PSY) latest single 'Gangnam Style' has now crossed 43 million views on YouTube since its release in July...