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Popular Torrent Tracker Leechers Paradise Goes Offline After 12 Years

While YouTube is trying to fend off European Union's new copyright law Article 13, one of the largest torrent tracking websites "Leechers Paradise" has...

Rajinikanth’s 2.0 Movie Leaked Despite Producers Blocking Over 12,500 Pirate Sites To Stop Leaks

Piracy is one of the crucial battles in India, not just for indie filmmakers, but even for top producers who are trying to beat...
Bugs in uTorrent Allow Websites to Control, Access and Snoop on User's Computer

New uTorrent Bugs Allow Websites to Spy On Your Computer, Run Malicious Code

Anyone using torrents to download files has knowingly or unknowingly accepted the security risks that come with it. Even websites hosting torrent links can...