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Popular Messaging App Telegram to Release Its Own Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

Telegram Messenger to Launch Its Blockchain Platform And Cryptocurrency

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps out there. The app gained momentum when world's leading messaging application WhatsApp was acquired by...
Telegram Bots

20 Cool Telegram Bots to Enhance Your Messaging Experience

If you frequently browse the Play Store for new instant messenger apps, chances are that you know about Telegram. Yes, the one that came...

How to Play Games in Telegram Messenger

The Telegram Messenger might be known as the WhatsApp competitor but the app has created quite a following for itself, thanks to some really cool...
Telegram Messenger App Alternatives

5 Telegram Alternatives You Should Check Out

Telegram might not be as popular as WhatsApp but it's still loved by many. The instant messaging service owes its popularity to cool features like bots, secret...
Telegram Bots

15 Cool Telegram Messenger App Tricks

Telegram Messenger, which started off as a capable WhatsApp competitor in 2013 has been growing at a steady pace. The company recently announced a...