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India 3rd Worst for Privacy After China and Russia, Claims New Study

A recent study has found that India is amongst the worst-performing countries in terms of digital privacy. The report, published by technology blog, CompariTech,...
China forcing tourists to install data stealing apps featured image

China is Forcing Tourists to Install a Smartphone App that Steals Personal Data

In China's Xinjiang province, where the Turkish Uyghur population is a majority, is also where the Chinese government has some of its strictest, most...

Government Plans AI Surveillance Tool To Track All Online Activity, Create ‘Positive Slant’ for...

As India marches towards Lok Sabha elections in 2019, the Government of India is planning to build a special "technology platform" to sense the emotion...
bill gates earthnow

Bill Gates Backs EarthNow, a Live Surveillance Project for the Entire Planet

A new space imaging startup EarthNow recently announced its intent to "deploy a large constellation of advanced imaging satellites that will deliver real-time, continuous video...
China is Using Facial Recognition to Restrict the Movement of Minorities

China Reportedly Using Facial Recognition to Restrict Movement of Minorities

China is predicted to produce nearly half of the global video surveillance equipment and three-fourths of deep learning servers by the end of 2018....

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