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India May Soon Force Facebook, WhatsApp to Identify Users Posting Sensitive Messages

The Indian government is reportedly planning to enact sweeping changes to the local intermediary liability rules, making it incumbent on social media companies and...

Facebook Admits to Tracking Users Even with Location Permission Off

Complaints from users, often dismissed as paranoia or elaborate conspiracy theories, have long claimed that Facebook's mobile apps on both Android and iOS track...
What is Blockstack and How it Promises to Improve Online Privacy

What is Blockstack and How it Promises to Improve Online Privacy

With the decentralized nature of the internet starting to come under increasing threats because of the dominance of mega corporations like Google, Amazon, and...
How to Browse Anonymously on iPhone

How to Browse Anonymously on the iPhone or iPad

Amidst all the growing privacy concerns, we've been constantly battling to protect our privacy online. Most of the things you search, read and interact...

12 Online Scam Protection Tips To Keep Yourself Secure

Online scams are not uncommon, everyday millions of people are ripped off of their money and personal information by online scammers. Like the recently...