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Indian Railways to Use Facial Recognition at Stations, Inside Trains: Report

AI-based facial recognition software is being deployed by consumer companies, government departments and law-enforcement agencies in India with every passing day, and it is...

Indian Railways Starts Selling Water Made from Air for Just ₹5 per Litre

In a new initiative towards water conservation and environmental protection, the Indian Railways has installed an 'atmospheric water generator' in the Secunderabad Railway Station....
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Indian Railway to Use AI for Crowd Control During Kumbh Mela in Allahabad

Indian Railways will use technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), in a big way to tackle the massive rush of passengers during the upcoming Kumbh...

Google Celebrates Indian Railways With Multimedia Showcase in Arts And Culture

In a first-of-its-scale heritage mapping and digitisation project, Google announced a new project that aims to preserve the legacy and heritage of the Indian Railways...

Indian Railways’ ‘Plan Bee’ Device Saves Elephants From Train Accidents

Indian Railways is creating a buzz with its "Plan Bee" to tackle a mammoth problem at a meagre cost. It has installed devices which...
Indian Railways to Leverage IRCTC Data to Increase IPO Valuation

Indian Railways to Leverage IRCTC Data to Increase IPO Valuation

The Indian Railways recently overhauled the website of its catering and online booking services arm, IRCTC, to give the portal a cleaner and more...
Google India Shares Inspiring Stories About the Transformation Brought by Internet

Google Shares Inspirational RailWire Wi-Fi Stories About Internet Impact on India

Google's internet-related products and innovation touch our lives in many different ways, with varied impacts on different people. To share a glimpse of how...
Indian Railways to Use Chatbots With AI For Answering Passenger Queries

Indian Railways Will Now Use AI Chatbots To Answer Your Queries

Indian Railways, the largest public transporter in the world, is said to be testing chatbots which will be used to reply to passengers' queries...