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Visualize Delhi in 10 Beautifully Designed Minimalist Posters

If you are a Delhi resident or have visited the place at-least once in your lifetime, you can related to these amazingly beautiful minimalist...
Dilli ka kalender

Dilli Ka Kalendar: A Calender Featuring Various Characters From Delhi

I am almost 6 months late in bringing this special calender which is exclusively for the people of Delhi but it doesn't really matter...
sharda university trolled world is here where are you (1)

11 Hilarious Tweets About Sharda University

Sharda University is having a really good day because its trending on Twitter India and at the same time they are having a bad...
Post election Use of Social Media in India

In The News: Post Election Use of Social Media in India

Social Media and Politicians? When did that happen? There has been a large spate of politicians flocking to Social Media in the recent past. Is...
The Simpsons-iyers from India

Meet Simpson-iyers, South Indian Avatars of The Simpsons (Pics)

Sasank Gopinathan, product and automotive designer from Cochin, India has created south Indian avatars of characters of the longest running American sitcom, The Simpsons. As he...
virat kohli meme

Awkward Company Names Based on Famous Indian Personalities

If some of the famous Indian personalities had to switch to some other field of work, what profession would suit them the best and...
Salman Khan as joey tribbiani

Who Should Play What, If FRIENDS is Made in India (Pics)

In India, we have N number of reality shows for entertainment on Television but when It comes to drama or sitcoms we have very...
spoof of epic split, rajinikanth

Spoof of Epic Split, Rajinikanth’s Thalaivar Split (Video)

Rajinikanth's Thalaivar split is an animated video spoof of Jean-Claude Van Damme famous split between two reversing Volvo trucks. The hilarious video spoof  is created by FTW...
some of the best Indian memes

Some of the Best Indian Memes (Pics)

I am filled with immense patriotism today, don't know why, may be it is Sachin Tendulkar's departure from cricket but I won't let this...

Top Recruited Indian Students by Facebook in 2011

Facebook is luring a lot of students from top most Indian colleges like IITs and NITs by offering them a five figure salary. Here are...

How to Keep Your Remote Workers Productive