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Pixelbook 2

Pixelbook 2 May Ship With Old Core i5, i7 Processors From the 2018 Pixel...

Google's upcoming Pixelbook successor, tentatively named the Pixelbook 2, may ship with the exact same Intel processors as last year's Pixel Slate devices, if...

Google’s Pixel Slate Tablet Could Let You Dual-Boot Chrome OS and Windows 10

Google's first Chrome operating system (OS) based tablet Pixel Slate may support dual-booting Windows 10, allowing two major PC operating systems to run on...
fuchsia os

Google Reportedly Testing Homegrown Fuchsia OS on Pixelbook

Google has been working on an all-new operating system called Fuchsia OS for over a year now, and recent reports seem to suggest it...
Google Pixelbook Can Chrome OS Finally Become Your Daily Driver

Google Pixelbook: Can Chrome OS Finally Become Your Daily Driver?

So, the Google event finally came to an end, with the search engine giant announcing multiple devices. There's the new Google Home Mini, the...