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Digital Wellbeing Update Brings ‘Focus Mode’, ‘Family Link’ to Non-Android 10 Devices

Google's much-loved Digital Wellbeing app has received an update that brings a couple of native Android 10 features to devices running older versions of...

Family Link Brings Screen Time, App Download Restrictions to Chromebooks

Digital wellbeing was the initial step in Google's strategy to curb online addiction, but it hasn't reached a ton of users as it's available...

Google’s ‘Family Link’ App is Now Available in India

In an effort to make the internet a safer place for children, Google launched an app called 'Family Link' earlier this year. The company...

Google’s Family Link App Lets Parents Monitor Child’s Smartphone Usage

It's only lately that experts are realizing the harmful effects of smartphones. The constant presence of a screen and the internet has made smartphone...