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15 Google Chrome Tricks To Boost Your Productivity

Chrome Flags: A Complete Guide To Enhance Your Browsing Experience

We are all fans of Google Chrome, aren't we? One thing that is common among all of us is the thirst for hidden features....
Best Google Chrome Extensions 2015

How to Block a Website on Chrome

Internet is a blessing to us, we can get access to almost any kind of information. However, it can also get a little out...
Best Google Chrome Extensions 2015

35 Best Google Chrome Extensions

We’d told you earlier that web browsers are now damn productive that we cannot call them tools to visit web pages! Of course, every...
google tone

Google tone : How to Share URL Using Sound?

Time and again Google has proven that it strives to stay on the forefront of technical advancement, whether it is android taking over all...
How To Open A Closed Tab In Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE 2015

How To Open A Closed Tab In Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE

Many of us are avid users of the Internet, and that includes browsing the web through a web browser most of the times. Now,...
Here's the snapshot of how 'Unpolitic.me' works

A Chrome Extension That Removes Politics From Your Facebook & Twitter Feed

If  Politics doesn't interests you much and you are annoyed by politics related posts in your Facebook and Twitter News feed , Here's a good way to...

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