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Facebook VP Bosworth Denies Selling User Data to Cambridge Analytica

Under fire for its involvement with Cambridge Analytica and the illicit gathering of user data, Facebook is in damage control mode - though some...

#DeleteFacebook Campaign Picks Up Pace After Cambridge Analytica’s Data Stealing

In the light of the most recent controversy to hit the company, Facebook has been called a mass surveillance firm which has no concern for...
Disputed Cambridge Analytica In Talks With BJP, Congress for 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

Cambridge Analytica In Talks With BJP, Congress for 2019 Lok Sabha Elections: Report

British data firm Cambridge Analytica is in a world of trouble, along with Facebook, after revelations of acquiring data of more than 50 million Facebook...

Facebook Suspends Account of Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower

Ever since Facebook suspended Cambridge Analytica, an analytics firm that backed Donald Trump in his presidential campaign over violation of privacy policies, the company...
Facebook to Rank News Sources in Trustworthiness Based on User Surveys

UK to Summon Facebook Top Execs Over Privacy Violation, Cambridge Analytica Case

British authorities have claimed that Facebook has dodged debate on the topic of lack of privacy on its platform and "consistently understated" the perils...

Facebook Facing Federal Investigation Over Privacy Violation in Cambridge Analytica Mess

While Facebook has suspended Cambridge Analytica, the company which ran the Donald Trump presidential campaign, for breach of trust and violation of privacy policies, the trouble...

Facebook Suspends Trump-backed Analytics Firm for Violating Privacy Policies

The US presidential elections have been engulfed in clouds of controversies, be it Russian collusion that allegedly tipped the scales in favor of Donald...