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brave browser native arm surface pro x

Brave Browser Now Has Unofficial ARM64 Support

With the launch of the Surface Pro X at its annual Surface event last year, Microsoft is trying to push the envelope in ARM-based...
Brave Browser on Android Will Support Extensions Starting 2020

Brave Browser on Android Will Support Chrome Extensions Starting 2020

Privacy-focused Brave browser, which recently got out of beta on Android is planning to add support for browser extensions, according to one of the...

Privacy-Focused ‘Brave Browser’ Finally Out of Beta on Android, Windows and More

Launched back in 2016 as an open-source privacy-focused browser with an integrated cryptocurrency payment platform, Brave Browser is finally out of beta. According to...
brave browser pay ads

Brave Browser Will Pay You to Surf the Web

You know what's weird? When a browser that has always tried to block websites from tracking you and showing you targeted ads, starts to...

Brave Browser Will Soon Pay You Cryptocurrency Tokens for Watching Ads

While most users scoff at the idea of watching ads while surfing the web and rely on ad-blockers to keep the pesky banners at...