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Android Dark Mode

Android P Might Bring a Native Dark Mode Option

A native dark mode has been one of the most requested features for Android since forever. While Google failed to deliver with every successive...
7 Cool Features Android Still Lacks

7 Cool Features Android Still Lacks

I have been using Android from the Froyo and Gingerbread days and I have seen how the platform has evolved, both in terms of...
iPhone Black Friday Deals

Android P Will Reportedly ‘Embrace’ the iPhone X Notch

Google is expected to release the next iteration of Android, codenamed Android P, later this year. While the company itself hasn't released any information...
Android 9.0 Pie

No, Google is Not Developing Call Recording Feature for Android P

In the past couple of days, the internet has been flooded with reports that Android P will debut a call recording feature, citing few...
Android P Developer Preview Teasers Already Begin to Appear Online

Android “Pineapple Pie” Developer Preview Teasers Already Begin to Appear Online

Merely 0.7 percent of Android users have hopped onto the Oreo train but this slow adoption is not slowing down Google's efforts to tease...

Carriers May Start Hiding Signal Strength in Future Versions of Android

In some parts of the world, mobile carriers and service providers exert great control over smartphones and other devices that need to operate under...