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Top 10 Best Android Lockscreen Replacement Apps

We love Android because of the ability to customize almost everything but there are a couple of things which we like to customize the most...
best alternative contacts and dialer apps for android devices 2014.

Top 10 Contacts and Dialer Apps For Android Devices

If we were to ask you the primary functions of your snazzy new smart phone, you'd probably exhaust the list with social media interactions,...
top 8 pedometer apps for android devices (1)

Top 8 Pedometer Apps For Android Devices

“Walking is the best form of exercise, habituate yourself to walk very far”- Thomas Jefferson. For stay people who are fitness conscious or are trying...
Indian News Apps

Top 7 Best Indian News Apps for Smartphones

For some people, News is something addictive! They spend a lot of time to listen to news around the globe, and they consider being...
Multiplayer Games For Android

Top 20 Best Multiplayer Games For Android Devices (Free and Paid)

Nowadays smartphones and tablets are powerful enough to beat many desktop computers in terms of raw processing power and graphics. Back in old days...
ebook Readers for Android Devices

10 Best Free ebook Reader Android Apps

If your hobby is reading books but don't want to carry them with you wherever you go, ebook android apps are pretty handy and...
Backup And Restore Android Phone

Here’s How to Backup And Restore Your Android Device

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily life. Wherever we go, we carry our phones with us. Our phones not only have...
10 Antivirus and Antitheft Android Apps

Top 10 Antivirus and Antitheft Android Apps

Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system, running on millions of devices today, and that being said, it often becomes soft...

Top 5 Augmentation Reality Apps for Android

There was a time when virtual world and real world were two different concepts though still they are different worlds but the difference is...