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paypal alternative services

PayPal Alternative: Top 10 Services To Make Online Payments

PayPal has become synonymous with online payments and this widely popular platform lets users make monetary transactions, completely doing away with the need for...
Google Drive

Dropbox Alternatives: 10 Best Cloud Storage Services

Cloud computing has recently enjoyed its place at the pinnacle of modern technology, with many early adopters flocking towards this new technology. Cloud storage...
Top 10 Best Evernote Alternatives 2015

Top 10 Best Evernote Alternatives

If you are type of those who forget things easily, you need not to be taught about how productive note taking can be in...
paypal alternative services

Top 10 PayPal Alternatives To Pay And Get Paid

Nowadays, no internet user needs an introduction to PayPal – a widely popular eCommerce platform that helps us to send, receive and pay money...
twitter alternative sites

Top 5 Twitter Alternatives You Must Try

There are only two kinds of people in the world, those who are addicted to Twitter and those who don't like Twitter. If you...
Microsoft PowerPoint Alternative

Top 5 Best Alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint

Since public availability of Microsoft PowerPoint, it has been, and still is, one of best tools for creating presentations for personal and professional purposes....
Google Analytics Alternatives

5 Best Google Analytics Alternatives for Analysing Website Traffic

Google Analytics is the most widely used tool for measuring and analyzing a website's traffic. According to a report published on TechCrunch, more than 10...
Plagiarism Checker Websites (Free)

Copyscape Alternatives: Top 6 Free Online Plagiarism Checker Websites

When it comes to blogging, plagiarism should always be avoided because, if you will publish any form of plagiarized content on your blog then...

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