Siri For Android: 10 Best Android Assistant Apps

If you have a friend with an iPhone then you definitely know that the iPhone comes with Siri. One of the best virtual assistants out there for smartphones. Siri performs many different tasks on the iPhone like sending a text, making a call, searching your query on the web, scheduling a meeting, giving you weather reports, and much more with just a simple voice command. All you have to do is say the words and Siri will do the task for you without you having to lift a finger. However, our Android fans don’t have to be sad anymore because Siri is not the only virtual assistant capable of performing cool tasks with just a quick voice command. There are similar and some even better apps available for Android platform as well. Below is a list of alternatives for Siri on the Android platform.

Top 10 Virtual Assistant apps for Android:-

1. Skyvi (Siri like Assistant)

This one literally says “Siri like Assistant” next to its name. It is one of the most simple and easy to use virtual assistants available for your android smartphone. This app offers you all the features that you would expect from a solid virtual assistant. The best thing about the app is the simple and straightforward user interface that lets newcomers easily navigate the app. You can make calls directly with your voice commands, you can reply to texts with voice, and find maps/routes with the help of Skyvi. Finding any contact and calling them with the help of Skyvi is as easy as eating a pie.

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2. AIVC (Alice)

This app performs all the basic functions like making calls, sending texts, scheduling tasks on calendar, setting up alarms, etc but that’s not all because it also learns new commands that you define. All you have to do is define your commands and this virtual assistant keeps all the commands in its memory. You can then use your voice commands to perform all the custom functions on your android smartphone. AIVC (Alice) keeps learning new things on daily basis and keeps evolving with new commands. You can ask her general questions and Alice will answer your every query as long as you have an active internet connection.


3. EVA Free – Voice Assistant

EVA is a solid contender in the virtual assistant market but the interface is a bit confusing for a newbie, however, once you are familiar with the overall user interface of this amazing virtual assistant it will become one of the best assistants for you. EVA reads back to you quickly so you can get your answers as quickly as possible. The app provides you clear and easy to understand instructions so you can easily navigate through the app’s layout. You get to learn everything and every feature EVA has to offer in the tutorial. The free version is actually a fully paid app but it only lasts for 28 days after that you have to buy the full app.


4. Indigo Virtual Assistant

If you are a true geek who loves a great and fluid interface then you will love Indigo Virtual Assistant because it provides the best user interface out of all the virtual assistant apps available in the Google Play store. You can easily navigate through this app and perform any tasks that you require. Indigo Virtual Assistant even helps you find the closest train stations, bus stations, and even lets you search for YouTube videos directly from the app within seconds.


5. 24me: To-Do, Task List & Notes

This app is not a virtual assistant per se but it offers features that you won’t even find in the top assistants on Google Play store. 24me is the best personal assistant on your android phone and it automates all your tasks so you don’t have to worry about smaller tasks at all. It learns everything about you from your schedule, calendar and social media apps. After getting to know you, it starts generating your personal schedules so you can keep track of your daily activities. It reminds you of what tasks that are coming up next and best of all, it even wishes your friends on Facebook automatically on their birthdays. This assistant makes it really easy for you to collaborate with anyone, anywhere in the world.


6. Jeannie

If you are looking for popularity then Jeannie has more than a million downloads on the Google Play Store which means that a lot of people are using this advanced virtual assistant on their android phones. The best thing about Jeannie is the fact that you don’t have to remember any special keywords to activate it, you can just speak naturally to your smartphone and it will understand everything you say and perform the tasks that you want. It will even translate your commands into different languages if you want. The advanced voice recognition system recognizes your voice commands even if you are not a native English speaker which is a great feature to have in a virtual assistant app.


7. Andy (Siri like Assistant)

Here we have another app with “Siri like Assistant” next to its name. Well, it sure does perform a lot of stuff as quickly as Siri but the interface looks a bit different from the original iPhone assistant. Andy brings a simple and hassle-free interface for the user so you can quickly perform different tasks with your voice. Best thing about Andy is the fact that it gives you real time directions when you are driving and you can also talk about casual stuff with it as well. Andy tries to answer all your questions no matter how weird or funny they actually are. The paid version of Andy offers even more features that make your whole virtual assistant experience much more smoother. Andy also brings you detailed information from sites like Wikipedia, etc.


8. Assistant with talking alarm

Don’t judge this one by its name. The name sounds a little odd and it seems as if this is one alarm clock app instead of a virtual assistant. However, that’s not the case because this is one advanced virtual assistant for your android smartphone. The best thing about assistant is that you can choose an avatar or make your own and it will be the appearance for your assistant. You can then talk to it naturally and have a conversation. It will perform different tasks that you want, launch apps, connect to different internet services, and you can speak in plenty of different languages because this assistant understands a large collection of different languages from around the world including but not limited to, English, Spanish, French, Germany, and many more.


9. Robin – the Siri Challenger

You may have already noticed that this is the only app that uses “The Siri Challenger” instead of “Just like Siri” in its description which means that it’s going to give Siri a good run for its money. Robin is the perfect companion for you when you are on the road because it brings you everything you need when behind the wheel without having to look at or touch your phone at all. It gives voice directions, nearby locations of interest, GPS locations, gas station information, weather reports, and even cracks a few jokes to make you laugh while on the go. She keeps learning about you on daily basis and constantly evolves to suit your needs. You need a parking spot in a crowded area? Robin has got you covered.


10. Jarvis

It’s not the same Jarvis that Ironman uses in the Marvel movies but still it’s one of the coolest virtual assistants you will ever download on your android phone. Jarvis talks to you like a friend and keeps you updated with the latest news. Apart from performing all the basic tasks on your android phone, Jarvis can also control your phone settings and perform simple tasks that would otherwise take you a bit of time. It can turn on your WiFi, Bluetooth, phone’s flash, play songs, and many more functions with just a quick voice command. Jarvis also runs on your Android wear devices if you own one.


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Now you don’t have to envy your friends with an iPhone and Siri because you can get your own Siri alternative for Android. Any one of the above mentioned virtual assistant apps can help you make the most out of your android device and automate a lot of tasks that would otherwise take a lot of your time. Let us know what’s your favorite virtual assistant app on the android platform.

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