Moon Knight Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and More

In Short
  • Moon Knight Season 2 has been in talks since the first season ended with a huge cliffhanger.
  • Jeremy Slater has officially left the Moon Knight Project so Kevin Fiege might have to look for a new writer for Moon Knight Season 2.
  • A scooper named Daniel RPK states that Moon Knight Season 2 is in development at Marvel studios.

Bringing the Marvel supernaturals to life in the MCU, Moon Knight Season 1 was released on 30 March 2022 with Oscar Issac beautifully portraying the role of Moon Knight. The series became an instant hit with an end that left fans asking for more. Sadly, Moon Knight was meant to be a one-and-done series, but it is not the case anymore, and I think Moon Knight season 2 is on the cards. How can I say that? Well, the trailer of the final episode of Moon Knight used the phrase “series finale,” which was later replaced with “season finale”.

Could this mean we are getting Moon Knight season 2? And if we are, when is it coming out? Has the filming started? I am sure you must have all those questions in your mind and so do we. So, in this article, let’s find out all we know about Moon Knight season 2. We will also keep you updated regarding everything new about Moon Knight, so bookmark this page and check for all the latest info!

Is Moon Knight Season 2 Confirmed?

Last updated on November 28, 2023 to include a new rumor from Daniel RPK that Moon Knight season 2 is in development.

In an earlier report brought to us by The Hollywood Reporter, We got to know that Jeremy Slater, the head writer for the Moon Knight series has officially left the project leaving the prospects for a Moon Knight season 2 hanging in the middle. However, since the show ended on a massive cliffhanger, we might get to see a season 2 of this show but not as soon as we expected it to.

In an interview with The Playlist, the head writer of the Moon Knight series Jeremy Slater stated, “I honestly have no idea” when asked about Moon Knight Season 2. He also said, “I haven’t had any conversations with Marvel. I think a lot of those decisions are ultimately going to be in the hands of Kevin Feige because he’s the guy with the master plan.”

Even though the writer himself said he doesn’t have an idea if Moon Knight Season 2 will happen or not, the scooper Daniel RPK brought us a report stating Moon Knight Season 2 is in development at Marvel Studios. According to his post on Patreon, Moon Knight season 2 will have more than six episodes. A second season may help connect the hero to the upcoming Blade movie but as of now, nothing can be said and all we can do is hope for an announcement from the MCU soon enough!

Source: Twitter/MarvelVerse

Moon Knight Season 2: Release Date

Moon Knight Season 2

As of now, we know nothing about when Moon Knight Season 2 will be released or even start production, and it’s highly possible that we won’t know about it for a couple of years. That’s because Marvel Studios’ schedule is jam-packed with upcoming Marvel movies, TV shows, and other announced projects.

In the next two years, Marvel’s schedule is set to release Loki Season 2 (2023), Echo(2023), Daredevil: Born Again(2024), Agatha: Cavern of Chaos, and Ironheart. If we take all of this into consideration, the second season of Moon Knight might be released in late 2024 or early 2025.

According to a leak posted on Reddit, which has now been taken down, Moon Knight season 2 will most probably come out on Disney Plus right before Avengers 5 is set to release (delayed to May 1, 2026). Other than that, in the latest series, Loki season 2, we get to see a small tease linked directly to Moon Knight. We get to see Casey, the TVA agent listening to “The Staying Awake” podcast which is the same podcast we see Steven Grant listening to in Moon Knight episode 1. Keeping in mind both the timeline factor and the little tease from Loki Season 2, there’s a possibility that Moon Knight Season 2 might come up as late as 2026.

Moon Knight Season 2: Cast & Characters

Moon Knight cast

Even though we don’t know when Moon Knight Season 2 is coming out, we can make some speculations regarding the cast of the series. Oscar Issac is undoubtedly going to reprise his role as Moon Knight, along with the personalities of Mark Spector, Steven Grant, and Jake Lockley who were officially introduced in the mid-credits scene of the final episode.

Ethan Hawke can also reprise his role of Arthur Harrow in the next season. Even though he was shot by Jake Lockley, we only heard the gunshot so there’s a possibility that he’s still alive to make a comeback. May Calamawy will likely make a comeback as well in the role of Layla El-Faouly since she is now Scarlet Scarab, the avatar of the Hippo goddess Tweret.

F. Murray Abraham, the voice of Konshu, the moon God is in doubt about making a return following the allegations he is facing. He was accused of sexual misconduct on the sets of Mythic Quest and was later fired from the cast of the comedy show.

Moon Knight Season 2 Trailer

As of now, we don’t have many details regarding the release of the Moon Knight season 2, so we don’t have an official trailer. However, if we make speculations based on the current timeline of the MCU, we can expect the Season 2 trailer to be released by the end of 2024 or early 2025.

Moon Knight Season 2 Plot and Villain

Since season one of Moon Knight ended with quite the reveal, there’s a lot to expect from Season 2. The first season ended with introducing the third alter ego of Marc Spector, that is Jake Lockley. We might get to see more of his homicidal tendencies in the new season. The villain of the previous series, the crocodile Goddess, Ammit was still inside Arthur Harrow and most probably will still be when the second season comes out giving rise to the possibility of a second standoff between Mark and Ammitt.

The director of the series Mohamed Diab also states that he is not sure if Harrow is dead or not, indicating his possible return in the future. As of now, this is all we can assume about the future of Moon Knight but we will keep giving updates as soon as we get to know more!

Who is Moon Knight’s Third Personality?

moon knight official photo
Image Courtesy: Twitter/Moon Knight

Moon Knight season 1 ended with quite the reveal for the audience, that is, the introduction of the third personality of Marc Spector, Jake Lockley. Now the question arises, who is Jake Lockley? In the comic run of Moon Knight, Jake Lockley is a cabby who is more like the informant for the main personality of Marc Spector. Jake is deeply connected to the underground world with connections to all the crime syndicates and gangs.

When working as Lockley, Moon Knight creates a huge network of spies and informants who help him to stay ahead of all the crime and criminals preparing Moon Knight to figure out plans and tactics to be always ahead of them. Other than being a sort of spy, Lockley has certain psychotic tendencies making him extremely violent. Whenever he engages in combat with anyone it’s usually a homicide.

In the final scene of Moon Knight where Jake Lockley apparently shoots Harrow, he says “Today is the day you lose” to Harrow in Spanish. This is different from what we see in the comics as Jake didn’t have a Hispanic background in the comics. According to Oscar Issac, he did this alteration to the character to pay respects to his Hispanic origin.

In Moon Knight season 2, we will certainly get to see more of Jake Lockley and Oscar Issac’s take on the character. So, the continuation of this show is definitely worth the wait.

Who Is the Villain in Moon Knight Season 2?

As of now, we can’t say for sure who is going to be the villain in Moon Knight season 2 but keeping in mind all the multiversal things going on around the MCU, we can expect to see Rama-Tut, a variant of Kang the Conquerer who was a pharaoh thousands of years ago standing against Moon Knight. We can also expect to see Moon Knight fight Jake Lockley, which would truly be epic.

If Marvel wishes for Moon Knight to stay in the MCU, they will certainly make him stand against Rama-Tut. But since we don’t have many details available about it, we will have to wait till the official release date and trailer of Moon Knight season 2 is announced.

Will there be a Moon Knight Season 2?

According to a Patreon post made by Daniel RPK, Moon Knight Season 2 has begun development. However, we do not have an official statement regarding this from either Marvel or Kevin Fiege.

What is the release date of Moon Knight Season 2?

We do not have an official Release Date for Moon Knight Season 2, but looking at the release schedule for MCU, we can expect the Season 2 trailer to be released by the end of 2024 or early 2025.

Who will be the villain in Moon Knight Season 2?

We can expect to see the Kang Variant Rama-Tut to be the villain of Moon Knight Season 2.

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