Top 3 Apps to Experience iOS 7 Style Control Center in Android

Apple introduced Control center in iOS 7 that seems inspired by Notification center in Android, but with some tweaks and features by Apple. Using iOS 7 control center, you can toggle quick settings or hardware controls, adjust volume, control music, use Airdrop or Airplay and access some limited apps like calculator, timer,camera and flashlight quickly. You can use control center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Now Apps are available on Android allowing users to experience iOS 7 style Control center on their Android devices.

Here are 3 best apps on Google Play.

1. Control Center- iOS 7 Style

This App features iOS 7 Style Control Center with translucent UI and assistive touch features. The Airplay and Airdrop buttons are replaced with volume profile toggle buttons. The app doesn’t have music controls but we can see that feature in upcoming updates. You can change brightness or turn on/off auto brightness, adjust volume.


You can toggle Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, auto rotation, GPS and Auto Data Sync. Using quick shortcut, you can open flashlight, camera, calculator, clock and game center. All functions are accessible from lock screen. You can adjust the bottom arrow, its width and height, position and ability to click or swipe up to open control center.

Developer: Hi Tools Studio

Availability: Free on Google Play, Pro key available

2. Control Center

This app features customizable look, launch animation with configuration speed, you can get access to it from any app regardless of what you are doing, you can use it from lock screen if you need by going to emergency call and swiping up from bottom.

The app is light on battery, it has quick toggles, control music, use flashlight. The app is just 500 KB and doesn’t have ads and is completely free on Google Play

Developer: Lone Tooth

Availability: Free on Google Play

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3. Easy Controller – Control Center

Easy controller is another iOS inspired control center app. You can use this app to toggle phone settings, control music or even start any app.


You can toggle airplane mode, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data, GPS, screen timeout settings,auto rotation,auto sync, ringer mode, you can control media  like play/pause or next and previous song or media volume. You can use flashlight or create app shortcut, camera or calculator shortcut. You can also clean memory and customize the swiping position of the control center.

Developer: Shereworkshop

Availability: Free on Google Play

Image Courtesy: Google Play

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