How To Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android

How To Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android

Using a smartphone has been a boon for our human race. The feeling of listening to our favourite songs anytime, anywhere we want is heavenly. We all know how music players in our android phones work, we can turn the music on, lock our phones and then sit back and relax with just our music. But what happens when we try to listen to a song on YouTube? We love each and every bit of it till we decide to turn our phone’s screen off or maybe minimize the YouTube app and do some other stuff on the phone. As soon as we press the back or homescreen button, the YouTube app closes and we are parted from our music.

This is not an issue that only you or I came across, this is an issue that almost all the people who regularly listen to music on YouTube have faced. So, to tackle this issue, people came up with a few solutions (in the from of apps).

In the market three of the nicest applications that cater to this issue are ‘YT Mobile’, ‘Listen On Repeat’ and ‘Awesome Pop-up Video’. Let’s see how they work and help us in playing YouTube videos in background on our android smartphone.

1. YT Mobile

As its name indicates, YT Mobile is an app for your Android smartphone. When you open this app, you’ll be greeted by the mobile interface of YouTube, and you’ll also see that an icon establishes itself in the notification bar at the top.

When you start a video in this application, you don’t get fancy options like you get in the official YouTube app, but a smart feature where it scores, comes to light when you press the homescreen button. The application minimises and the video keeps playing in the background. Then it is all upto you whether you wish to lock your screen or do something else on your phone, you’ll get to hear whatever YouTube video has to offer.

To go back to the video, you can just go to the notification bar and click on the application’s icon, and you’ll be taken back to the video that is running in the application.


If you are not yet impressed, there is one more app to run YouTube videos in background that does something even more creative or in other words something even better is there on the play store by the name of ‘Listen On Repeat’

2. Listen On Repeat

As the name suggests, the primary function of this application is to play YouTube videos on repeat. But as I said this is an even more creative app, there are bound to be functionalities other than the repeat feature. Another awesome feature that it has is allowing the users to pop their video out, so that they can watch the videos while simultaneously working on some other stuff on their phones.

When you open the application, this is what it would look like.

When you start a video, you’ll get this screen in front of you. As soon as you press the back button, the YouTube video will be displaced to the bottom of the screen, like in the official YouTube app.

Finally, if you press on the icon encircled in orange in the image below, your video will pop out of the application. Now you can do anything you want while this YouTube video is being played on the screen. Even if you wish to lock your screen, you’ll be able to listen to the audio that is being played in the popped out video screen.


If you are still not impressed, here’s another great app that you’d definitely like.

3. Awesome Pop-up Video

The moment you open this app, you’ll feel that there is something different about this app.

You’ll  be greeted with an option of popping out a video of your choice. As soon as you paste a link in it and press on the button on its side, you’ll get a popped out player playing the video you requested. You can now close the application or minimize it and still see the video in the popped out player.


You’ll get the option to maximize the screen, close the screen (the popped out window) and even to get the video back into its parent application.

Another cool thing about this popped out player is that you’ll be able to listen to the audio of YouTube video even when you have locked your screen.


The apps mentioned in the list are all 3rd party apps because YouTube doesn’t offer any official app for allowing us to play videos in background. But there is an official manner in which you can play your YouTube videos in the background. This feature was launched by YouTube last year by the name of YouTube Music Key.

There are many special features that come up with the YouTube music key, one of them allows you to play YouTube in the background, hence, rendering the exclusivity of the above mentioned apps useless. That being said, YouTube music key is in its beta version and is paid. It is available only on request for now, and is not available in all the countries, so probably many of us would not get our access to youtube music key for now.

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If you happen to know any other way of playing YouTube video in background on Android, feel free to share in comments section.

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