Genshin Impact on Switch: Release Date Rumors & Trailer

Genshin Impact is an action RPG that has managed to take the gaming industry by storm just a few months after its release three years ago. The game is mainly known for its lore, long list of unique characters, battle mechanics, and anime-esque feeling, which is one of the reasons why people who are associated with watching anime end up playing Genshin and liking it so much. Some of the other things to like about the game is its cross-platform nature, meaning it’s available on all the major platforms such as PlayStation, PC, Epic Games, Android, and iOS. Noticed anything? Yes, it isn’t available on the Nintendo Switch, and in this article, we’ll talk about everything we know about Genshin Impact on Switch, possible release date, and all other questions.

Genshin Impact Switch Release Date Speculation

As of writing this, there’s no concrete release date for Genshin Impact on the Nintendo Switch, nor there is evidence that the game will be arriving on the console anytime soon. The game’s developers did release a trailer for Nintendo Switch on 14 January 2020 stating the game would be coming soon, but it’s been three years and Genshin Impact hasn’t arrived yet on Switch.

The last time we heard about the game with respect to the Nintendo Switch was last year, in May 2022. In an interview with Gonintendo, HoYoverse’s Global PR specialist Xin Yang said more information about the game’s release on the Switch will be released soon. He said, “The Switch version is still in development, and we will release more information as we progress further along.” Before this, most people assumed the game was canceled for Nintendo Switch due to reasons that we’ll dwell into below.

Genshin Impact Switch Delay Reason

As much as we’d like to guess and pinpoint the reasons why the game still hasn’t made it to the Switch, there could be plenty of reasons for the same; hence it’s hard to narrow it down to one or two reasons. We could be wrong, but one of the most obvious reasons we think Genshin Impact is taking too long to release on the Switch is due to the dated hardware of the console.

As with other games such as The Witcher 3 and Hogwarts Legacy whose developers had to take extra time to optimize the game for Switch due to its dated hardware, we think the team behind Genshin is taking an extra sweet time to optimize the game as well as they can. Let’s not forget that Genshin Impact, with the arrival of its latest version 4.0, makes the game quite huge in size.

Genshin Impact’s minimum system requirement is a GTX 1030, more than twice as powerful as the Tegra X1 GPU on the Nintendo Switch. Although it’s nowhere near as demanding as some of the latest AAA titles, it’s still pretty graphics-intensive. Not to mention, the Switch only has 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, which would mean the developers would need to significantly cut down on character details, shadows, and environment, which ARE the reasons why the game is so popular in the first place.

How Can I Play Genshin Impact on Switch?

Sadly, there’s no way to play Genshin Impact on the Switch unless you go down a really dark path, which we’d want to refrain from mentioning here. So will Genshin Impact ever be playable on Switch? On the Switch 2 probably, but since HoYoverse’s response last year, a lot of things could’ve changed internally, and the game might not be arriving after all to the OG Nintendo Switch. If you absolutely want to play Genshin on the fly, Switch is not the right console but Steam Deck is. You may ask, “But Genshin Impact is not supported on Steam OS and Linux” and that’s where you’re wrong.

It’s true that around half a year ago, players figured out a way to play Genshin Impact on Steam Deck and Linux by disabling the anti-cheat using a tool that we shall not name here. The tool clearly violated HoYoverse’s terms of service and risked a ban on players. However, the developments since version 3.5 reveal that HoYoverse is indeed allowing players to play the game on Steam Deck and Linux, and the same doesn’t violate the terms and doesn’t risk a ban. All you need to do is install the game via Epic Games Launcher (Heroic Games Launcher on Linux).

Although there’s still a possibility that this is purely coincidental, there are enough reasons and proofs to prove otherwise and that Genshin could announce Steam Deck support soon. As for Switch, we might have to wait a little longer it seems.

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