All The Emoji Meanings You Should Know

Emojis add personality to our most bland text messages and that’s the reason we use them so much. In fact, you can simply use emojis to convey numerous feelings. Thanks to the modern day smartphones and the rise of instant messengers like WhatsApp, emojis are used way more often. That means there are tons of cool emojis and new ones are being added all the time. While most of the emojis are easy to understand, some are confusing. Keeping that in mind, we are listing down the meanings of emojis, that you use all the time.

Thanks to Unicode publish standards, most emojis are represented consistently across platforms and convey the same emotion, so you don’t have to worry if a similar emoji will have a different meaning on another platform. Also, we are listing down only the face & hand emojis because that’s where the confusion lies. So, without any further ado, here are all the emoji meanings that you should know:

Face Emoji Meanings


If you are looking a simple emoji to express happiness, this is the one to use.


Nervous about an exam or an interview? This emoji expresses the panic pretty well, doesn’t it?



Going to your favorite movie or game? This emoji should sum up the excitement very accurately.

Laughter Tears

This is the perfect “LMAO” emoji you can use for most of the hilarious situations.

Happy with smiling eyes

While it’s very similar to the Happy emoji, the smiling eyes do convey a lot more happiness.

Big grin

This is the perfect emoji to express a little laughter or a big grin.

Sweating with laughter

There are times when we laugh so hard that we start sweating. Well, this is the perfect emoji to express it, isn’t it?


Looking to express laughter that’s not too much or too little? The laugh emoji hits the perfect balance between the different laugh emojis.


Just did a good deed or became a good samaritan for somebody? Send this emoji to let them know that you are indeed angelic.


Talking to that long-time crush of yours? The wink is the perfect emoji to accompany a flirty pick-up line.

Content smile

This emoji can be used when you get a compliment or when you hear something that really touches your heart. A perfect smile with a tinge of blush.


This is a fairly new emoji, which can be dubbed as a formal smile emoji of sorts.Well, this should come in handy for people who want to express a not-so-wide smile.

Inverted smile

If you have just sent a sarcastic comment or a weird joke, send the cool new inverted smile emoji for that added effect.


Talking to your special someone? Well, this emoji should come to use quite a few times for you.

Goofy/Savoring delicious food

This emoji is for the goofy ones out there and people who are massive foodaholics. The emoji certainly expresses “savoring delicious food” perfectly.

Shy smile

This is a cousin of the Blush emoji and it’s very similar minus the blushes of course. Use it to express a shy smile.

In Love

Use the In Love emoji when you want to compliment someone on their looks or to convey that you are just falling for them. However, don’t over use it, as you might come across a little creepy.

Blow a kiss

Want to blow a kiss to someone without getting into too much trouble? Try this emoji, which expresses a kiss with a naughty wink, so that people don’t take you too seriously.

Kiss/duck face

While this is technically a kiss emoji, it’s mostly used to suggest the trending duck face, which people (mostly young ladies) make while taking selfies.


This is technically another kiss emoji, however it’s also used to show that you might be whistling, so use it at your will.


This is the kiss emoji, no questions asked. Just go ahead and plant one, without any doubt.


Said something weird, insulting or crazy and want to act as if you were simply trying to be funny? This emoji should bode you well.

Tongue-out laugh

Laughing out loud at something outrageous yet hilarious? The Tongue-out laugh emoji should express it well.


Used a pick up line on someone but don’t want to be taken too seriously? The Cheeky emoji should work for you.


The cool new emoji can be used in a fun way when talking about money or to express our actual face when we see lots of money.


This is brand new emoji to convey your nerdy thoughts. Use it when you are talking about something that your friends have no idea about.


Too cool to express in words? Hit the emoji and feel awesome!


People do confuse this fairly recent emoji to mean clapping, however, it expresses “looking for a hug”. .


This is the emoji to use if you want to express a sly smile, when you come across an innuendo that you don’t really appreciate.


Have no idea what to speak or just feeling plain blank? The Blank emoji can be pretty expressive then.


The neutral emoji can be used when you don’t know if you are happy or sad about a particular thing or topic.


It’s known as the Expressionless emoji but people generally use it to convey, “I don’t care”.

Not amused

Just received a text, which isn’t as funny as the sender deems it to be? Well, this emoji pretty much sums up our feelings for poor jokes.

Eye roll

This emoji can be expressed as an eye-roll or when you want to show general disinterest.


The cool new Thinking emoji is pretty much self-explanatory and can be used to borrow time before you respond to a question or query.


The Stunned emoji can be best used to express “I don’t believe you said that”.


Feeling guilty or sad about something? Don’t worry, let this emoji do the talking.


If you have just received some bad news, which worries you, this is the emoji to use.


Lose your cool a lot of times but not able to express it truly through words? You should use the angry emoji more often.


While this emoji is also known as the “Pouting face” (we have no idea why), it is seldom used for a fun situation. It’s mostly used to express massive anger.


Feeling too low about something? The frowning emoji should express things well.


If you are one of those people who get confused a lot, you should be using this emoji more often.

Slightly sad

Like the formal smile emoji, this formal sad emoji can be used to expressed slight sadness, when the truth is you don’t really care.


You can use this emoji when you are sad about something but bot really sad.


This emoji can be best used at the times when you just need a break from all the hustle bustle that we know as “life”.


Feel like giving up on something? This is the emoji you can use to express it.

Fed up

When you are fed up of something and cannot take it anymore, this emoji can convey it well.


There are situations when you are so upset that you want to cry. However, the tears fail you. Get the gist, right? This emoji perfectly sums it up.


While the angry emoji or the mad emoji convey a momentary anger, the fuming emoji can be used to express more anger as well as frustration over something that’s been bothering you from a long time.


The surprised emoji expresses surprise in a really cute way. The emoji looks adorable, doesn’t it?

Screaming in fear

The screaming in fear emoji, also known as the “home alone” emoji can be best used to express terror, brain-freeze and even shock, sometimes in a cool fun way.


Scared about something but not so much that you might want to scream? Use the scared emoji.


The sweat trickling down the forehead conveys that you are concerned about something really scary.


Very similar to the cute surprised emoji, the awe emoji expresses a faux or real amazement over something.


This is known as the yawn emoji but people generally use it when they are scared and surprised.


Almost identical to the yawn emoji but for the eyebrows and used for painful situations that take you aback.


The tear rolling down from the eyes should be clear enough to express that you are indeed hurt.


Stressed about something? Use this emoji to express it to someone.


Too tired after work or tired of your life? The emoji sums up most “tired” feelings.


You might be able to relate well with times when you are sleepy but you just aren’t able to. Well, that’s what the smiley suggests.


You can use this smiley to tell people that you are crying, which most probably you are not!


The dizzy emoji can be used when you are drunk and you have no idea what to type. We hope you find the right emoji though.


Simply cannot believe what you just saw? Express any astonishing feat with this emoji.

Zip it

Some people just keep on blabbering even after you’ve given them a lot of hints. What do you do then? Well, you can just ask them to “Zip it”.


Mask face

This emoji got popular when people were using mask faces to be safe from diseases but nowadays, people use it express that they don’t want to talk or they can’t talk right now.


The new sick emoji is pretty self explanatory, so you can use this emoji to let people know you are not feeling well.


Another new emoji that expresses injury or an accident.


The sleeping emoji can be used when you are too sleepy to type.

Happy Devil

The emoji should be used when you are about to take revenge on a friend and the revenge will be hilarious.

Angry Devil

The emoji should be used when you are about to take revenge on a friend and the revenge will be horrifying.

Police Officer

Want to express that you are the protector of the law or just want to portray yourself as strong? The Police Officer emoji shows a pretty happy cop.


The builder emoji portrays a number of things. It symbolises a tired construction worker, builder and it also looks similar to Met’s helmet in the Mega Man game.


Proud of your investigation skills? You can use the detective or spy emoji to pronounce yourself as the new generation chat Sherlock.

Hand Action Emoji Meanings


What’s the best way to celebrate online with friends? Use the Celebration emoji! Well, not really the best way but it should do.


Impressed with something? Use the clapping emoji to express appreciation.

Hand wave

People generally tend to use this emoji to express a slap but it actually symbolizes a hand wave.

Thumbs up

Use it to wish someone the best of luck.

Thumbs down

Use it to tell your enemies that they are going down soon.

Punch/Fist Bump

This emoji can either be used to express that you want to hit someone or a bro fist pump. We like the latter meaning!

Fist pump

Want to express that you are pumped about something? What better than the fist pump emoji.


The gesture is pretty well known as the peace or victory sign. So, use it to end an argument or when you’ve won something.


The gesture is used to signify “perfect” and can be used along with a compliment about someone’s looks.

Stop/High five

If the Zip it emoji does not stop someone from blabbering, you can give the Stop emoji a shot. However, keep in mind that it’s also used as a high five. So, when you are planning to stop someone, you might end up high fiving them.

Hug/Jazz hands

The open hands sign emoji expresses openness or as a display of jazz hands. It is also used as a hug.

Flexed biceps

Want to make a strong statement? What better than flexing a bicep, right?


Folded hands mean “please” or “thank you” in many cultures and some people even use this emoji to signify prayer.

Ask a question

Remember raising a hand to ask a question in school? You can use this emoji to convey the same.

Point up

You can use this emoji to point to an earlier message.

Point down

This emoji can help you point that you are talking about the text or image down below.

Point left

To highlight an important part of your message on your left, you can use this simple point left emoji.

Point right

You can use this emoji to point people in the “right” direction.

Middle finger

We are pretty sure you know what the middle finger stands for!


The raised hand with fingers spread emoji represents a casual Hi or the number five.

Rock on

Fans of a metal band or anyone who is in a rocking mood can use this cool emoji to convey the “Rock on” motto. The “sign of the horns” emoji also means devils fingers, so use it to signify devilish, if you think that’s more cooler.

Star Trek Spock/Vulcan Salute

Star Trek fans are pretty well accustomed to the vulcan salute and thankfully, the cool emoji represents it perfectly.

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Confused about any more emojis?

These face emojis and emojis showing various hand gestures are certainly the most used emojis and we are glad we could help you out in deciphering their meaning. However, if there are any more emojis you are confused about, do let us know and we will make sure to add their meanings in the post. Sound off in the comments section below.

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