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39 Cool And Interesting Websites To Kill Time

We usually tend to get caught up in the daily hubris of our work and personal lives and things soon to seem a bit gloomy. After all the Greek Economy crisis and the Middle East hostility news take up your news feed, nothing seems to be right with this world. That’s when you just need to take a nice long deep breath and chill out.

If you haven’t got the time to take long vacations, there are temporary relaxations zones on the web, which are the Internet’s water-coolers. There are plenty of websites on the Internet that allow you to just calm yourself down and get your playful rose-tinted glasses on!

39 Cool and Interesting Websites

So, without any further ado, we will be taking a look at some of the best websites on the Internet that will help you relax your nerves and also maybe learn a thing or two in the process. These are the 39 Interesting and Cool websites of 2017.

Cool and Interesting Websites

1. Rich Kids of Instagram

Have you ever wondered about how the kids of rich people led their daily lives? Obviously they live extravagantly and this tumblr account is devoted entirely to them. Dive into their lives and see for yourself how these prodigal youngsters are squandering their parents’ money!

2. Solve the Riddle!

This is an amazingly interesting website, where you are expected to solve a Riddle, based on multiple levels. This Riddle only requires you to carefully observe the surroundings displayed on the screen and do the necessary to proceed further in solving the Riddle! Comprised of 81 levels, this is one great way to kill your time, so get your thinking cap on!

3. Madeon Adventure Machine

This is an amazingly beautiful and addictive music producing tool, which is a part of the 21 year old Electronic Music producer from France. Madeon’s Adcenture Machine is an amazing website to create beautiful Electronic Beat tracks with just a few clicks!

4. Honest Slogans

Just as the title says it, this website is an amazing collection of hundreds of brands and their Slogans re-imagined. While brands make their own efforts of marketing with Slogans, this is a playful take on them.

5. Sneeze the Dragon

Feeling too bored? Why don’t you Sneeze the dragon? This is a beautiful website depicting the combined power of Javascript and Ruby on Rails through a little Dragon! Click as many times as you would to make the Dragon sneeze out Fire as hard as it could!

6. A soft Murmur

This website is absolutely amazing if you have enough disturbance around you. Just plug in your headphones and select the kind of ambient sounds you would prefer. Select the intensity too after selecting the sound among Rain, Wind, Thunder, Birds and much more.

7. Experience Mount Everest

Scaling the heights of Mount Everest is just a dream for many of them. How about a virtual 3D Trip scaling over the entire heights of this beast? This website is a Virtual 3D Trek to the Summit of the Everest peak.

8. TIME’s Timelapse

Ever wondered how climate change and human evolution has changed the world over the past three decades? Well, TIME magazine and Google in collaboration built this amazing Timelapse of Columbia Glaciers, Amazon Forests, Dubai and Las Vegas; captured through three decades of Satellite Photography. We have come a long way, haven’t we?

9. Project Alexandria

Project Alexandria is the Pandora of Books. If you still don’t understand the reference, this website is basically a recommendation tool for book lovers. Enter the Book title or your favourite author name to get up to five recommendations based on Books similar to it.

10. World CAM

This amazing website lets you find geo-tagged Instagram photos. Just enter the location of a place and it will load up with Instagram images taken near the mentioned address. These Instagram images would be the very recent ones taken at that location.

11. Is it Normal?

Humans always tend to get a bit skeptical when it comes to their matters, because the grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it? This is a community that lets users ask questions anonymously and get response from others to understand how they perceive things and situations.

12. Faces of Facebook

Are you feeling all ‘Me, Me’ while on Facebook? This website reminds users how tiny they all are when considered the big picture. The entire length of this website is loaded with all the 1.2 Billion+ users on Facebook and have a good time finding out your face in it! And as you may have guessed it, the #1 Facebook face is Mark Zuckerberg himself.

13. Lamebook

Couldn’t get the better of Facebook? This website curates everything funny on Facebook and brings out all of the embarrassing moments of people on the social network.

14. allows users to mix and match Videos with different other audio sources. Add the source URLs of Audio and Video to mash and mix them together using this web tool.

15. is a fun web and mobile based game that allows you to grow your bubble by controlling it through your cursor movements. Avoid getting engulfed by other users, while collecting some mass of your own self.

16. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed has grown into one of the most popular websites among the teens and youngsters. This website offers Listicles and GIFs based articles that are fun, humorous and informative too sometimes!

17. AnimaGraffs

Ever wondered how something works but couldn’t picture it in your mind? This website offers Animated GIFs of how some things like a Car Engine, A camera and more work.

18. Cracked

Advertised as ‘America’s only Humor Site’, this is definitely one of the must-visit websites for any internet user. Inundated with hundreds of informative and interesting articles, Cracked is one great website.

19. Dear Photograph

‘Take a Picture of a Picture from the Past In the Present’ is the tagline of this website. This website is a picture taken of a photograph taken from the same place in the past! G0 figure!

20. The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal is one of the finest Comic websites targeting all the recent events and product launches. The guy is a a big fan of Nikola Tesla and even convinced Elon Musk to invest in a Tesla Museum! Learn and enjoy the simple language and beautiful comics from this website.

21. Eat This Much

Treat this website as your virtual Dietitian. Enter your dietary plans to get recommendations from this website along with a grocery list that you would need to follow the diet for the entire week!

22. Giphy

Cat GIF’s and other GIF’s are still funny and this website curates all of the best GIF’s to let you have some fun on the web. Browse through thousands of fun animated GIF’s to have a good laugh.

23. A Good Movie to watch

Are you a movie maniac, with not being able to find something cool and interesting to watch always? This website provides you with Staff Picks and Random Suggestions to find the next best movie to watch.

24. Tunefind

Ever wondered what was that amazing song that you just heard in a movie or TV Show? This website lists the name of the songs played across hundreds of Movies and TV Shows to find that amazing song you just heard.

25. Pixel Thoughts

This is an amazingly brilliant website that lets you meditate for 60 seconds. Enter a thought that is pestering you and watch it as it gets brushed away in this walk of life.

26. 100,000 Stars

If you still aren’t convinced that you need to relax and that our problems are not of the highest order, this is a must-visit website. This website shows just how tiny part of this universe that we are!

27. This is why I’m Broke

This is an amazing online shopping website that lets you browse through the amazing and unique gifting products like LED Faucet or Credit-card sized toolkit! Find all those exotic and funky gift products here!

28. Touch Pianist

Want to play a Piano, no problem! This website lets you play the Piano strings by hitting keys on your keyboard. You can play some of the most famous tunes on this web app. Play famous music without worrying about the notes and keys!

29. Chesscademy

Chesscademy is an interactive website and is a fun way to learn how to play a game of Chess. The website also features tons of videos and puzzles to master yourself in this game.

30. Dog Vision

Ever wondered what a Dog pictures when it sees something? It definitely wouldn’t be able to visualize the amazing Rainbow that you marvel at. This website lets you upload an image and it renders the image to reflect what a dog would see.

31. Google Maps 2D Driving Simulator

This is an amazing 2D Driving Simulator that draws its surroundings based on Google Maps. Drive on street you’ve always wanted to with this tool. The only catch is, you must obey the rules and drive on the roadways only!

32. My Script Font

My Script Font is an amazing way to create a Font out of your own Handwriting. Download the PDF or PNG provided on the website, write in your own handwriting and upload it back. There you will a TTF/OTF ready of your own handwriting.

33. LOL my Thesis!

Thesis is something gruellingly painful many graduates and post-gradates have to go through. This website pokes fun at Thesis and lets users upload funny one-liner thesis to it.

Cool and Useful Websites

34. BuiltWith

BuiltWith is an amazingly useful website that lets you check what platform a website is built on, what front-end or back-end is it based on and other key website-related details as such.

35. Down for Everyone or Just me?

Ever wondered if the problem is with your network or if the website is really down? Check this website to confirm your doubts regarding error on whose end is causing you trouble accessing the web.

36. Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler is an online color wheel generator for designers and the likes. Use this website to create and explore different colour combinations that you would deem to be fit for your next project.

37. Screenr

Screenr is a website that lets you record beautiful screen-casts, without the additional needs of installing a standalone software. This web browser based tool lets you record screencasts instantly.

38. Hemingway App

Hemingway App, named after the legendary writer Ernest Hemingway is basically a free grammar and error checking tool to improve your writing significantly. Get rid of those cliches and improper adverbial usage with this web app.

39. What the Font

What the Font is a web app and also available as a browser extension that lets you identify a particular font that you see on a webpage. You can upload an image to the website to get further details about the font face, its size, colour and more.

Apart from the 40 cool websites mentioned above, there are some more websites like Reddit, Quora, StumbleUpon, BoredPanda, etc where you can find a lot of interesting and cool stuff to kill time and learn something new.

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So, what did you make of these cool and interesting websites of 2017? Feel any of your favourite pastime fun website is missing? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.


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