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11 Great Image Hosting Sites Like Imgur

We all know Imgur, don't we? For people who don't, Imgur is a totally free image hosting website that lets you upload, share or embed your...
Notepad++ for Mac OS X

The Best Alternatives to Notepad++ For Mac OS X

Notepad++ is one of the most popular code editors for Windows—its customizable interface, syntax highlighting, macro recording, and regular expression search & replace make it...
Screenshot Apps for Android

Looking for Android Alternative? Here are the best ones

Google's Android OS is dominating the mobile industry and there are absolutely no doubts about it. In Q2 2015, Android had the market share of...
Microsoft Surface Book 1

Surface Book: Macbook Pro Alternative We Have Been Waiting For

Microsoft recently introduced a number of new Windows 10 devices but Surface Book is the one that hogged all the limelight and rightly so. The Surface...
Excel Alternatives 2015 (Free and Paid)

10 Best Microsoft Excel Alternative Tools

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular program with over a billion users. It is being used for creating charts, tables, reports, identifying trends, and...
Raspberry Pi and Pi 2 Projects

10 Best Raspberry Pi and Pi 2 Alternatives

The Raspberry Pi and Pi 2 have taken the world by storm and created a huge interest in single-board computers; their simplicity, portability, and...
FaceTime For Android 2015

10 FaceTime Alternatives For Android

Apple's FaceTime is a versatile and popular way to make video and audio calls—but what if you're on Android? What can you use then? Fortunately,...
Best Wayback Machine Alternative Sites

Best Wayback Machine Alternative Sites

Wayback Machine is one of the best internet archiving websites, being used by millions of people everyday. Many businesses depend on it to create...
Top 6 uTorrent Alternatives

Top 6 uTorrent Alternatives

There was a time when uTorrent was hailed by every torrent downloader, until BitTorrent, Inc. bought it. It was an open-source client and very...
17 Netflix Tips and Tricks

11 Alternatives to Netflix for Online Streaming

Netflix is the undisputed king when it comes to online streaming of TV shows and movies, but just because it's the go-to option doesn't...
Sites lIke Reddit

9 Best Alternatives To Reddit

Reddit is the most popular place on the internet for discovering what's new happening on the Internet. It's fast, always updated and certainly defines...
Siri for Android 2015

Siri For Android: 10 Best Android Assistant Apps

If you have a friend with an iPhone then you definitely know that the iPhone comes with Siri. One of the best virtual assistants...