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Top 10 Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

Do you know the toughest task, when it comes to the world of computers and technology? As opposed to your usual guess, it is not management or something, but something else — instructing another user to do specific tasks in his / her computer. It does not actually matter how much you try to break down the process and explain it, you’ll be quite tired at the end, most probably with no desired result. However, screen recording is a viable solution for the issue, as it will let you make the whole process simple, easily explainable and more importantly easily repeatable. Well, if you are looking for some awesome tools for screen recording, you are at the right place — here is our list of top ten apps for screen recording in Windows. Thanks to the developers, most of these are free.


1. Icecream Screen Recorder (Free)

Icecream Screen Recorder, which comes from Icecream Apps, is a completely free tool to record and capture screen. With wide support for Windows OS, ranging from Windows 2000 to Windows 8, Icecream Screen Recorder is a good solution for every Windows-based PC user. If area selection feature of Icecream Screen Recorder lets you have your focus on, what you want, drawing panel will help you add ‘creative’ touch to the screenshot or recording. In addition to these, hotkey support, audio settings, screenshot to URL, clipboard feature, project history are notable features of Icecream Screen Recorder.

2. ActivePresenter (Free)

If you’re planning something huge with screen recording, say educating or tutorials, ActivePresenter will be a superb companion for you. Coming from Atomi Systems, ActivePresenter focuses on making screenshots and recordings bit more interactive that they will be useful while explaining. For instance, to make things easily explainable, this tool is offering a feature to insert interactive elements like callouts, voiceover, annotations, graphics etc. At the same time, its support for SCORM-complaint Learning Management Systems suits its role as a corporate training tool as well. In addition to free version, professional and standard editions are available.

3. CamStudio (Free)

CamStudio is a widely used tool for screen recording and capturing and has broken a number of records when we do take the case of downloads. Despite the fact that CamStudio does not offer many features, its features are, indeed, a bunch of noticeable ones. For instance, while using CamStudio to capture and record your PC screen, you’ll be able to hide your curser screen, get sound from multiple sources, etc.

4. Snagit (Premium)

Snagit, yet another amazing product from TechSmith, has been helping a number of professionals and individuals to capture and record their PC screen for multiple purposes. Although there is a free trial, Snagit is actually a paid tool, to buy which you have to spend big. Powerful editing tools, free tech support, integration with cloud-based services, ability to set hotkeys, etc are what make Snagit a top tool when it comes to screen recording. However, after all, it is paid software, though it is worth what you pay.’

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5. EZVID (Free)

Are you looking for a screen-recording tool that can be used to record videos and instantly upload them to YouTube? If so, EZVID can be your perfect choice. Best part of EZVID is that you do not have to find an external video editor; it’s so because EZVID comes with an integrated video editor. Resembling the case of most tools in the list, EZVID is also a free tool to use. Speed control, speech synthesis etc are also noticeable features of this tool. It supports Windows XP to Windows 8.

6. Jing (Free)

TechSmith knows that there are some, who cannot afford Snagit. That may be why TechSmith has made Jing, a small yet effective tool for screen capturing tool, available free. Jing does not come with high quality, feature-rich and productive editor and other stuff, but it lets you plan, record and share videos in a matter of seconds. Though being free, you can grab free tech support feature from TechSmith. However, we would like to add that Jing will not be a sufficient choice if you are planning to do some BIG screen recording and capturing works. Nevertheless, just like you do in Snagit, you can set up hotkeys and make things quicker.

7. Webinaria (Free & Open Source)

If you are an open-source lover and to find an open-source product for screen recording and capturing, Webinaria is your optimum answer. Using this Windows-based application, you will be able to create Flash videos of PC recording as well as add your own voice commentary using record feature. Although not much big in amount, Webinaria offers some sorts of editing features like insertion of text. Also, it can let you set certain hotkeys. After all, Webinaria is an open source product, and be proud to use it.

8. Camtasia Studio (Premium)

Well, Camtasia studio is the third product from TechSmith in this list and the second premium product. Aim of this tool is to simplify screen recording and video editing possible for everyone, and we should say it has succeeded to do so, that too in a smaller time. Since Camtasia is a really powerful tool, you will not find any difficulty in recording the screen of your Windows (a Mac version is also available, by the way). Some of new features such as cross-platform screen recording, integration with Google Drive and TechSmith Fuse are really impressive, indeed.

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9. Rylstim Screen Recorder (Free)

Rylstim Screen Recorder is a simple-enough tool to record what is happening in your PC screen. Once you have done with installation of this recorder, you have to select codec, frame rate and location where you would like to store the file and just hit ‘Start Recording’. Rylstim Screen Recorder will give you the result video once you have finished this recording process — simple as that. And, of course, Rylstim Screen Recorder is absolutely free and you can even get a portable version.

10. Screenr (Free)

Here comes the tenth one and we will have a twist! Unlike abovementioned tools, Screenr has nothing to do with PC or installation, but it works solely based on your web browser. The only thing you have to make sure is that Java has been installed in your PC. Thus, when you want to record, let it be any device, go to and start recording.

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Since there are number of screen recording tools, we might have missed some from the list! Let us know your favourite screen-recording tool using your comments so that we can check and update the post.


  1. Hi there, thanks for your considerate sharing! This is so informative. I usually use Joyoshare Screen Recorder to capture my pc screen in 1080p with no lag, which is important for me. It really releases me from endless troubles when I want to make video tutorials for my art students. Glad to share it here. Maybe you could consider it in your future updates.

  2. sir pls mention scree recorder app which take minimun time to SAVE file after completion of recording,i try so many apps but some r complicated and some r taking more time to SAVE file after recording.for example if i record 1 hour app will take more than 20mints to save the file.

  3. You have to add Hyfy ( — Google chrome extension. Super seamless. Integrated with Slack, Hipchat and JIRA.

  4. Thank you for the list and for the free service you provide. It would be more useful if you mentioned whether the software on your list have some of the common downsides of “free” screen recorder software, like (a) Do they leave a watermark indicating it is free software? (b) Do they install malware? (c) Do they have too many nag screens asking the user to upgrade?

    1. ActivePresenter
      No watermark and recording time limits — even for free users
      Offers decorating the screencasts with styles, shadows and color effects
      Allows adding transition effects like photo slides and annotations to your videos
      Offers a range of post-recording editing options like video overlays, cutting and cropping videos, adjusting volume levels, adding blur and few more
      Allows exporting recordings to MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV, WebM and MKV formats

  5. was retired on November 12, 2015. Should not be in list prepared in 2016. Please update the information.

  6. ZD Soft also deserves serious consideration. It has a very rich feature set and is under active development. They have excellent customer service too. I’ve reached out to them asking for new features; they listened and then cranked out a new version in less than a week.

  7. Very Nice Article. Plzz tell me which one is Best Screen Recorder for Youtube Video Making. Thanks in Advance

  8. Thanks for free software offers, I have tried camstudio, it has a fabulous video recording feature Quality ever and user friendly too. The only problem with camstudio is that when recording video and at the same time record sound from a microphone or audio input device, the recorded sound tends to have low quality to the point where it becomes unheard hearer .

  9. Thanks for directions. But one I need is that which can record powerfully the screen and more likely with a powerful audio recording feature from microphone

  10. You totally forgot about Mirillis Action. It’s not free, but it’s top one for game recording.

  11. I totally agree, I use Ice Cream Screen Recorder and it is amazing! It’s so easy to use which means it’s great for people who have 0 experience with recording/ editing. 😛

  12. I highly recommend Icecream Screen Recorder. One is because it is pretty easy to use, less difficult to users. One more thing, is it me or Icecream Screen Recorder’s icon is almost the same as SCR Pro’s icon, the best rooted-Android screen recorder?

  13. What about Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)? It comes in two versions. Classic and Studio. I recommend you to pick Classic for regular screen recording use. Not only recording and save to hard disk in FLV format, it can also Live broadcast what you do on the screen to Twitch.

  14. I wanted to ask,
    Is this only for Windows? Because i don’t use window and i was wondering if this recorders will work on other programs.

    1. You might try Acethinker Free Screen Recorder, It’s a free web-based application, you don’t have to download or install anything. Compatible with Both windows and mac.

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