10 Best Password Managers For 2015

What do you think about a house that has multiple doors and vaults, but an all-in-one key to open it all? Sounds very convenient, doesn’t it? Wait, what about the security? It will be something horrible, we guess! This is the same thing that happens when you set the very same password for various accounts, let that be Gmail, Facebook or Github! The fact having said, it’s another horrible task to keep in mind those different passwords you have for various sites and services; nor can you write them down on a notebook. Well, there is a solution for you — Password Managers! There are a number of factors you should consider while choosing a password manager, including compatibility, security, features & lots more. In this post, we have taken an effort to bring you a list of 10 best password managers for your devices. So, shall we start?

1. 1Password – Simple, Convenient Security

1Password is a convenient solution to store different passwords for different sites and access them right away when you need them! Offering compatibility for almost all platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, 1Password makes your passwords available everywhere. Also, there are browser extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Along with storage of data, including credit cards, identity cards, secure notes, software licenses etc, you can create folders and sync them across devices. As 1Password offers a collection of Browser Extensions, filling credentials and logging in will be a task of single task once you have made yourself quite familiar to 1Password. In addition, the software offers a password generator, which becomes quite handy when combined with 1Password browser extensions. So, if you are ready to spend some money for having a fully-fledged password and secret-data management solution, you can go for 1Password.

  • Price: $49.99 for Mac and Windows, Free Apps for iOS and Android

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2. LastPass – The Last Password You Have to Remember

LastPass works quite simply when compared to other password manager software out there. After installation of LastPass, you’ll be asked whether you want to save password when you log in to a website; and LastPass will fill login form when you return to the particular site thereafter. If you have multiple accounts, you can choose the one you want to login from. Once you have saved all the passwords you need, you will just need the master password to move on. Fully-fledged browser extensions of this free service are available for Chrome, Mozilla, Safari and Opera. That said, you have to pay extra if you want to access its smartphone apps.

Other features of LastPass include the one to create online shopping profiles and integrate payment details with each so that you will not have to enter details again and again, centralized management of passwords, in-built password generator etc. If we are to consider all these, LastPass is indeed a great software. So, if you are looking for a free software that lets you manage your passwords in web browser, LastPass is a great option.

  • Price: Free (Also offers premium version, starting at $12 a year)

Download LastPass

3. Splikity – Never forget a password again

Splikity is yet another password manager software that is available for multiple platforms, including iOS and Web-app. It has to be noted that web browser extensions of Splikity are more important than the apps, for they provide features that most of users will love. As of now, Splikity extensions are available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

When compared to others, Splikity is too simple to use and can meet requirement of a non-tech-savvy user, as the company says. Yet, Splikity has basic features such as multi-device sync and the option to choose an account when you have stored multiple username-password combinations for a particular website. Splikity will prove itself to be really useful when you’d like to have a basic password manager that does not compromise quality.

  • Price: $4.99 per month

Check out Splikity

4. Passible – Password Management Made Simple

Of many password managers listed here, Passible is the best when it comes to the aspect of security, as it meets with 256 AES Encryption Standards that protects your data even from NSA! However, Passible is available only for iOS devices such as your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Well, when compared to other password manager apps, Passible offers a simple User Interface that lets you fill username and password combination and then to log in quickly.

Passible offers other security-oriented features as well. Peeking helps you know card pin when others are around while Password Analyzer can be used to determine difficulty of your password and thus to judge them. In addition, it has e Rapid Search, Favorites, in-built Private Web Browser etc. If you are ready to pay a decent amount to have high-quality security and other features, you can go for Passible, especially if you like things being automatic and the power of ultra security.

  • Price: $2.99

Check out Passible

5. Dashlane – Password Manager & Secure Digital Wallet

Dashlane is a free password manager that is available for Windows, Mac and iOS! Stored passwords are encrypted with AES-256 Level Encryption that not only makes things securer but makes you confident on the fact that no one interrupts. Dashlane, being a combination of different solutions, offers Auto-fill feature and Digital Wallet as well.

Password Manager section of Dashlane has a number of features like the one to change passwords of various services automatically in a single click, security dashboard for in-depth analysis, alerts upon security breaches, secure notes, password creator to ensure difficulty of all your passwords etc. Considering all these, we think Dashlane is a great software when you need overall protection for online passwords and the life of credentials! Plus, we love the fact that Dashline has a proper free version.

  • Price: Free; premium plan is available for $39.99 per year

Check Out Dashlane

6. Keeper – Password Manager & Digital Vault

Keeper can be called a mobile password manager app that works well with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, though tools are available for Windows and Linux as well. Since browser extensions are available for popular web browsers, you can save and manage passwords quite easily — you will just need a master password to move on. If you are using an iPhone with Touch ID, you can use your fingerprint as your master password — which is one of the best ways you’d ever find.

In addition, Keeper FastFill brings login credentials straight into corresponding places rather than needing you to copy and paste. Other features include multi-device link and built-in password generator, cloud backup etc. Altogether, Keeper is a trustworthy yet free password manager if you do not necessarily need cloud backup and password sharing features. Well, even if you need them, you can just upgrade.

  • Price: Free; additional features such as password sharing and cloud backup requires upgrade to premium plans.

Check out Keeper

7. RoboForm – Password Manager

RoboForm is one of the best password managers that create a fruitful blend of productivity and convenience. Talking of password management aspect of RoboForm, it includes lots of features such as secure notes management, in-built password generator to create non-guessable passwords, high-level security encryption etc. Nevertheless, it has to be noted that RoboForm is not limited to password management. You can use RoboForm in Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

When you set up password manager from RoboForm in the device of yours, you will get a form filler as well, and the filler will be useful when you want to fill long forms and pages. Once you have set up RoboForm, everything will be one click away — doesn’t is sound so simple? When you install this software in PC, the extensions will be installed in supported browsers. As a whole, it makes enough sense to choose RoboForm when you need a free software that has sufficient number of features.

  • Price: Free; However, you have to go for the paid plan if you want Secure Cloud Access, Multi-device access

Check Out RoboForm

8. PasswordBox – Free Password Manager

PasswordBox is a completely free-to-use password management software that offers support for iOS, Android and Kindle along with extensions for Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Being a member of Intel security family, PasswordBox does not want you to make compromises when it comes to aspects of security. By the way, PasswordBox is not limited to log-in credentials but it can help you to fill other data such as credit card and address details. So, PasswordBox is a worth-praising solution, we bet.

Noticeable features of PasswordBox are password sharing, integrated & effective tool for password creation and last but not least the tremendously powerful security. Also, multi-device & platform syncing is worth noting. While the presence of web browser extension makes your web browsing experience easier, free smartphone apps for those who deal with sensitive stuff in your Android or iOS device. In short, PasswordBox is a free software that does not affect quality of features.

  • Price: Free

Check out PasswordBox

9. mSecure – Security Everywhere Made Simple

mSecure is a multi-platform software for saving, managing, using and creating passwords and you can use mSecure in iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. All the data is encrypted using never-cracked 256-bit encryption. Talking of the UI, mSecure is really simple, as there are options for data organization, integrated search, personalization of UI through themes and fonts, integrated ways to share your data, etc.

In addition to these, when it comes to the iOS-focused solution, there are security-oriented features such as iCloud Sync support, Auto-sync support, fully-fledged mSecure browser, auto-capture of web log-in credentials etc. As you move on to dedicated software for different platforms, Android app for example, you can have dedicated features as well.

  • Price: $9.99 for iOS, $19.99 for Mac, $19.99 for Windows, $9.99 for Android

Check out mSecure

10. oneSafe – The premium password manager

oneSafe is a premium password manager that offers premium features and premium support at the same time! oneSafe offers a lot of features like integrated backup option using iCloud, Dropbox or Email, ability to capture log-ins when you sign in, in-depth integration with each platform that enables seamless functioning, truly secure data backup, self-destruct etc. oneSafe proves to be a trustworthy software for creating and storing password data.

Regardless the platform and device, oneSafe has tried its best to ensure simplicity of User Interface and even non-techy users are happy with it. Altogether, it doesn’t really matter whether you have a Moto G or Apple iPhone 6 Plus, oneSafe will be there to help you with password management. Just keep in mind that you have to pay a mediocre amount.

  • Price: $4.99 for iOS, $4.99 for Android, $19.99 for Mac, $4.99 for Windows 8.1 and Free for Windows Phone

Check out oneSafe

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So, we have listed out enough software to get rid of that many-doors-one-key manner of online passwords! Now, we want to hear from you the popular choice of yours.

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