I am filled with immense patriotism today, don’t know why, may be it is Sachin Tendulkar’s departure from cricket but I won’t let this feeling go in vain, so I decided to curate some entertaining content especially for our Indian readers.

Here, I am presenting some of the best Indian memes (Pics)

1. These 4 people have killed many young Indian dreams.

Chaar log kya kahenge meme


2. Because, In India it is Marriage followed by love and not love followed by marriage.

parents reaction for love marriage of their children


3. Yummy!

This is paratha!!


4. Engineering >> Roadies

roadies engineering meme


5. Typical Indian Parents

studying meme

studying meme

Indian studying meme

engineering meme


6. haar kar bhi jeetne wale ko kya kehte hai?

baazigar meme


7. In India, everyone does it and that too simply 😛

one does not simply india meme

one does not simply india meme

8. That’s God’s honest truth.

marriage meme

kiss and piss meme India

9. Fu*ked up reservation system. 

Indian reservation system meme

10. We miss you Sachin Tendulkar 

We miss you Sachin

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Update: March, 2014

11. 10 years a Slave PM

10 years of Slave PM

12. Here’s how Sound is measured in India

Measurement of Sound In India

13. The very own Lakhan Function’s Derivation

one two ka four, four two ka one

14. A priceless reaction

Every Mom's Reaction When they see their child speak in English

15. Well, the pic says it all

Rahul Baba

16. When I need money, here’s how I ask him

Whenever We ask our Dad for money


17. Indian Batman’s job


18. Scary Situation

scary situation

19. CID Vs Sherlock Holmes

CID Vs Sherlock Holmes

20. India before WhatsApp 😛India before WhatsApp

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