Best Google Chrome Extensions 2015

35 Best Google Chrome Extensions

We’d told you earlier that web browsers are now damn productive that we cannot call them tools to visit web pages! Of course, every web browser has its advantage and disadvantage, but Google Chrome is the best choice when you’d prefer having a highly productive, multipurpose and extension-rich web browser! Nevertheless, just as you should be careful when selecting a web browser, you’ve to make sure that you get the best Chrome extensions as well. Here, in this post, we will have a list of top 35 Google Chrome extensions. We’ve categorized these extensions in a way that it would be possible for you to find the appropriate one, easily.

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Best Chrome Extensions for 2017

Chrome Extensions For Privacy, Internet Security and Ad Blocking

1. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus, one of the most popular Google Chrome extensions, lets you clean your web pages, by removing those clumsy advertisements from sidebars and everywhere else. The free plugin can block various kinds of ads, such as animated ads, pop-ups & pop-unders, Facebook ads etc. Also, there is an impressive level of protection from tracking and malware. It is to be noted that Adblock Plus does not put end to web advertisements; on the other hand, there’s a set of acceptable ads that do not interrupt your web browsing. Plus, this open-source extension is customizable as well.


2. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is another effective chrome extension for blocking interrupting content from your web browsing path! Using the plugin, you can get rid of ads, in an effective way. For instance, rather than blocking all the ads, you’ve the option to integrate some lists with the blocking process so that the tool has a conscience about ads that need to be blocked. Despite its ability to support various host file-based filters, uBlock Origin is known for the lower usage of CPU memory. In short, it makes sense.


3. Blur

Blur is a companion you really need when living in a world of privacy threats and online frauds! By means of Blur, it’s possible for you to do different things, such as managing your passwords, securing online payments you make and to have better privacy options by acting against tracking and all. Some of the notable features of Blur include protection from non-cookie-based tracking, disallowing companies from collecting data, auto-fill options for saved credit cards, masked cards, ability to create highly-encrypted passwords, with the strong algorithm. When adding multi-platform support, Blur secures you, more or less completely.


4. Hola Better Internet

This free Google Chrome extension brings a completely free yet effective VPN (Virtual Private Network) into your Chrome, so that you can browse without revealing your identity to anyone who is waiting there to track. Of course, you have an option to access websites that are actually not available in your geographical area — due to censorship and other stuff. In addition, Hola Better Internet is known for providing a relatively quicker internet connection that is stable & less data-consuming as well. And, using Hola is a simple task, for that matter.


5. LastPass

Coming from one of the most popular password managers, LastPass Google Chrome extension is a useful solution for those who have a huge number of passwords to manage. After setting up LastPass in your chrome browser, you will have to provide a master password and it is the last password you have to remember, for that matter. There is a lot of additional capabilities that await you, such as the ability to save files, credentials etc that you want to be safe. The tool, in addition, enhances your online security through multi-factor authentication, replace weaker passwords etc. If you’re ready to pay more, premium version of LastPass has more features to offer.


6. WOT

WOT — yet another popular Google Chrome extension — allows you to determine trustworthiness of a site / service in a quicker manner. When you’re in a website, you can click the WOT button and it will show different details about reputation of the site, based on other users’ previous experiences and reviews. There are two signs — green and red — that can help you decide trustworthiness of a site easily. In addition, you have the option to add your own reviews about the site or service, right away from the window. WOT scores are determined by compiling reviews from global community and you can trust it when it comes to dealing with unfamiliar websites and services.


7. Click&Clean

Click&Clean is a privacy-protection chrome plugin that lets you analyze your web browsing activities to find whether your data is vulnerable to surveillance and other sorts of compromises. There are some tasks that Click&Clean will help you; for instance, it can set an option to automatically clear browsing history data when you close Google Chrome window and to scan your PC for malware. So, Click&Clean will be more or less a complete online protection solution that can do well for active internet users out there.


8. HTTPS Everywhere

As you all know, HTTPS is a sign of trust and security, especially when it comes to confidential data such as credential for payments and all. The plugin, in effect, switches thousands of sites to HTTPS from the non-secure HTTP. So, it can protect you from a lot of threats such as privacy hijacking, frauds and some kinds of surveillance that is present, almost everywhere. If you’re concerned about security and privacy of your online browsing, HTTPS Everywhere is an extremely useful Chrome extension, we bet.


Chrome Extensions for Reading & Content Curation

9. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote is popular as an inventory to save notes, web pages, images and what not that you consider important and need for easier access. You would have Evernote installed in various devices of yours but Evernote Web Clipper lets you add articles you read, images you get and many other things you stumble upon into the Evernote inventory with a single click. When you’re up for a research story or some other stuff, Evernote Web Clipper will prove helpful, in a set of instances. It weighs a bit, but it’s worth it.


10. Readability

Readability is a Chrome extension that prepares web articles in such a way that you can read them in a convenient & impressive form, right now or later. There are two options — Read Now and Read Later. If you take the Read Now, it will clear other part of website and bring ready-to-read content in the browser screen in seconds. On the other hand, with the Read Later part, you can save the article for later reading. Other notable features of Readability include the deep integration with Facebook and Twitter for sharing, feature to organize reading list.


11. Save to Pocket

We hope you’re familiar with Pocket — the service that lets you save articles and web content for offline access! This extension lets you save a website or such content to your Pocket so that you can read it later, in your Smartphone or Tablet PC. Save to Pocket is truly usable in the sense that it can be integrated to the Chrome context menu, ability to add different tags and you can even create a keyboard shortcut to save web pages to Pocket, along with the toolbar button for instant access.


Chrome Extensions for integration with Google Services

12. Google Dictionary

For those who find hard to understand words while browsing web, Google Dictionary is a must-have extension for Chrome. Google Dictionary as an extension is truly intuitive, because you can double click on a word to see meaning of the word in a pop-up. Not only English, there is support for various languages and you can depend upon Google Dictionary plugin when you’re reading a jargon-filled or ornamentally-written article. There is also an option to hear the word pronounced, right away.


13. URL Shortener URL Shortener will be useful for those who share links quite frequently. It lets you create short URL of a page, through a single click on the toolbar button. It offers features such as the ability to use a keyboard shortcut for creating short URL, auto-copy to clipboard, QR Code, the option to share the link through various popular services including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. If we are to take all these into consideration, URL Shortener is good-enough.


14. Google Calendar

Google Calendar extension brings a simple Google Chrome toolbar button, using which you can create or add events as you browse web. Suppose there is details of an event in a web page you visit and you want to create an event-based reminder about it. If you have Google Calendar extension installed in Chrome, you can do that in a second or two. There is also an option to view events that you have added to the calendar. In short, when you need an all-time companion for your Google Calendar experience, this extension is a must-have one, we assure.


15. Google Scholar Button

As you might know, Google Scholar is a search engine that indexes scholarly articles and make them accessible from everywhere! This Google Chrome extension lets you perform Google Scholar searches without opening a new tab. Once you have installed Google Scholar Button, you have to click on the button after selecting the text or phrase you want to search; in the opening section, you can see search results along with options for quoting the scholarly article or the associated file. For those who do scholarly searches more often, Google Scholar Button will be a good option.


16. Google Input Tools

Google Input Tools is a must-have extension for those who want to type in a language other than English. The reason why you should use Google Input Tools is that you can type a huge number of languages without any sort of desktop software installed. There are different methods to type, such as in-script, transliteration and handwriting mode, and you have the freedom to choose the method you find most convenient. You can even set some keyboards shortcuts so that typing will be easier to you.


17. Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail is actually an email-scheduling service that is available as a Chrome extension. It integrates to the Gmail interface and lets you schedule and track email messages you send. Email schedule is a superb feature, as it lets you send drafted mails whenever you want, even when you’re offline. There is also an option to postpone the arrival of some messages, so that your email inbox will stay clean and you will see the message only when it’s really the best time.


Chrome Extensions for Productivity

18. Pushbullet

Pushbullet brings your Android Smartphone to your desktop — to your Chrome screen, exactly! Using Pushbullet, it’s possible for you to manage a lot of sections of your Android phone, such as messages, songs, photos, links etc. There is a lot of things you can do using Pushbullet such as chatting with your friends, sending links or files to your devices, from the desktop screen and have notifications through chrome notification system as soon as they arrive in devices. The chrome extension is lightweight enough and you have to install the Pushbullet app in your Android Smartphone.


19. Awesome Screenshot

You’d be familiar with Awesome Screenshot if you have ever sought screen capturing solutions with a twist! UI of the extension is so simple that almost anyone can start using the screen capturing solution in seconds. Though quite low in terms of size, Awesome Screenshot lets you take screenshots, edit them by adding effects such as blur and adding annotations etc. Along with these, you have the option to upload these screenshots into image sharing platforms so that you can share them easily. Recently, they have added support for working with Google Drive as well.


20. Chrome Remote Desktop

What do you think about using your Smartphone to control your PC — just like you’d done using TeamViewer? If it’s an affirmative, you can install this productive Google Chrome extension to get things done. You have to install the Remote Desktop application in your Android Smartphone and the extension in Chrome. Once you have created the bond and fixed some installation stuff, you can start controlling your computer using Smartphone screen of yours. Its cross-platform availability is so impressive, given that Chrome needs to be installed in the device. Of course, when its resource consumption does not bother you, Chrome Remote Desktop is a sense-making productive extension.


21. Google Chrome to Phone Extension

An extension from Google Inc, Google Chrome to Phone lets you send information such as links, text, map as well as phone numbers into your Android Smartphone. To do that, however, you need the Chrome to Phone application to be installed in your Smartphone. If both are there, Google Chrome to Phone Extension will be a quite useful solution for many users out there, who cannot afford the time to depend upon a piece of paper and typing the text again. Its Android application works on almost every Android device, it seems, by the way.


22. StayFocused

StayFocused, as its name says, lets you stay focused when you’re working! Self-restriction is often the best way to be more productive and StayFocused lets you be so by restricting time you spend on addictive sites such as Facebook and others. This highly-configurable Chrome extension can be used to set limits on time you spend. You have option to set individual site-based limits too. For instance, if you have accessed a particular site for the maximum time, the site will not accessible thereafter — so you should be careful when you get addicted. It will prove very productive, it can be assured.


23. I’m a Gentleman

If you are a user who downloads a huge number of images, I’m a Gentleman is a must-have Chrome extension, we’d say. Once you have installed I’m a Gentleman in your Chrome, you can set up a short key for downloading images. To do that, you have to Hold ‘Alt’ button and Click on the image. In seconds, the image will be downloaded to your PC. It is indeed a great addition to your productivity, we bet.


24. AutoPagerize

As you know, Google Search Engine Results are available in different pages and you have to click ‘next’ when you have finished a certain page of search results. Won’t that be great if you can see the next page when you reach the bottom part of current page? AutoPagerize lets you do that job quite easily. There aren’t many options to customize, but you can switch off the feature when you don’t need them. You can see an icon right to the URL when extension is active on a particular web page.


25. Hover Zoom

Hover Zoom is another productivity-oriented Google Chrome extension that works well when you want to have good user experience. Hover Zoom, as the name says, shows you the full image when you hover on smaller version of one image. Hover Zoom will be quite useful when you are browsing image galleries. Also, there is an option to resize the images if they do not fit the window. In addition, Hover Zoom offers support for video files, the feature to disable zooming in certain websites, trigger-based zooming etc.


26. Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights is for those who watch videos online, frequently. In short, Turn Off the Lights brings atmosphere lightning when you are watching videos from YouTube and the experience is truly impressive, the truth be told. It is a matter of seconds that you can make interrupting parts of a web page fade and thus have the utmost concentration put on the video viewing experience. There are a number of features such as wide support of video players, shortcut keys for easier management, additional transition effects etc.


27. Momentum

If you’re fed up with the normal New Tab page of chrome, Momentum helps you create an innovative one; that is an awesome one in terms of looks and productivity. The Momentum New Tab page is quite useful, as it includes a lot of stuff, such as the tasks you have to do, weather in your particular area, superb background images, a quote that will be powerful enough to motivate you, ability to set a goal for a day. You have the ability to customize things as much as you want. In short, Momentum does the job.


28. The Great Suspender

Google Chrome is often blamed for the extremely higher power consumption, sometimes causing the system to get crashed. If you’re suffering from this higher-consumption issue, The Great Suspender will definitely be useful, as it is capable of suspending tabs that you do not use currently. By doing so, there will be a notable decrease in the usage of RAM. The Great Suspender has been able to help a lot of users by stopping their system from crashing, due to the resource-eating Chrome.


29. Google Quick Scroll

Google Quick Scroll is an extension that helps you to find out the most relevant part of a web page that is included in Google Search Engine results. For instance, if you’re searching for the “importance of using an antivirus”, not all the parts of a web page result will be exact answer of your query; on the other hand, there will be some sections because of why web page is included in the search result. This extension helps you find out the relevant part by clicking on a link that is shown on right-bottom part of the page. For those who need crisp results in shorter time, Google Quick Scroll will be useful.


Chrome Extensions for Media, Editing & Development

30. Musixmatch

Musixmatch is an impressive Google Chrome extension that brings corresponding song lyrics when you are watching a YouTube video. Every single time, you can see the correct lyrics in the bottom position of the YouTube player and it uses the enough-reputed lyrics catalogue of Musixmatch. Talking of customizability, you have the option to toggle its lyrics-showing feature or change the font colour or background colour of the lyrics display. In short, Musixmatch has all features to be a music freak’s favourite.


31. Pixlr Editor

We’d listed Pixlr in another list of photo editor and the official Google Chrome extension of Pixlr editor doesn’t make any compromises in terms of quality or user-experience. Despite the lower size, this extension can give you a fully-fledged photo editor in your Google Chrome window — as simple as that. You can just check out the screenshots of Pixlr Editor and you’d be amazed to see the simplicity they’ve kept in terms of design. Altogether, if you’re into easy-to-finish photo editing stuff, Pixlr Editor Extension is must for your Chrome.


32. ColorZilla

ColorZilla is an extension that’d be useful for designers and developers who are conscious about the colours they use & find. ColorZilla helps you find the colour code of a particular colour that you’d find during the web browsing sessions. It is at the same time an eyedropper, color picker and Gradiant generator as well. All these capabilities are brought in one tool, with an incredibly low size and resource consumption. There are some developer oriented features such as keyboard shortcuts, palette viewer etc.


Chrome Extensions for Bookmark Management

33. Google Bookmark Manager

Google Chrome comes with satisfactory in-built bookmark manager but it may not be powerful enough to give you a visual feel of it! You can use Google Bookmark Manager to organize your bookmarks in an easily accessible manner! If you have installed this extension, the built-in bookmark manager will be replaced and the thumbnail-based page to manage your bookmarks will be there. You have some additional options such as the one to add a note with each of your bookmarks, and the one to create folders and sub-folders easily. There are options for sharing bookmark folder as well.


Chrome Extensions for Social Media & eCommerce

34. Honey

Discount coupon codes are just awesome when you are shopping online! Honey, a Google Chrome extension is set to make it an easier process, by bringing an option to find best coupon codes from web and use them in the right place. When it is the time to check out, you can click the Honey button and the extension will do the rest, from finding the coupon to pasting it in the corresponding section. Honey is now expanding stores support and the tool has been able to grab user attention and popularity, in a shorter time. For those who shop more, Honey is a superb extension, indeed.


35. Discoverly

Discoverly is a brilliant effort to bring Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn together in an effective way. Won’t that be an awesome thing if you’re able to get details about one’s LinkedIn account and Twitter account when you browse his or her Facebook profile? This is what Discoverly does. It analyzes social media profile pages you visit and uses data to find that person’s other social media accounts, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook etc. Discoverly works nicely with Gmail too, so that you can get to know your contacts well and get in touch with them. Discoverly will be helpful for professionals.


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What do you think about these 35 best Google Chrome Extensions? Are there any other extensions that are worth position in list?


  1. Great list, thank you. I really love some of these extensions. Also I’d like to suggest a free alternative to Boomerang Gmail, it’s an extension called Deskun. There are few Gmail features, like email tracking, scheduling emails and email snooze. Check out.

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  6. Great list! I find the Honey extension useful – which automatically finds and applies coupon codes for online purchases.

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