10 of the Best Custom ROMs for Android Devices

It might surprise you to know that of all the smartphones sold in 2013, 81% were phones that run on Android – according to Strategy Analytics. Sadly, most of the people live an Android life with a stock ROM that the manufacturer of the phone provides and they have no option to make any changes on the OS, though Android is an open source software.

This is where one may want to consider getting a custom ROM for your Android device. A custom ROM is a standalone version of Android that consists of everything that one needs to operate a phone just like a stock OS but devoid of any customization by a third party.

Following are the 10 best custom ROMs for Android that you may want to consider.

1. CyanogenMod:

CyanogenMod is a custom ROM that has been making its name from the beginning has gained rave critical reviews from both Android geeks and customers alike. The ROM has added many features over the years like customizable quick settings, numerous softwares and hardware keys. Well-updated and a highly stable ROM this is a direct rival to any stock android. 

CyanogenMod supports 

ManufacturerModelCyanogenMod codename
AcerIconia Tab A700a700
AmazonKindle Fire (1st gen)otter
AmazonKindle Fire (2nd gen)otter2
AsusEee Pad Transformertf101
AsusEee Pad Transformer Primetf201
AsusTransformer Pad TF300Ttf300t
AsusTransformer Pad Infinitytf700t
Barnes & NobleNook Colorencore
Barnes & NobleNook Tabletacclaim
Barnes & NobleNook HDhummingbird
Barnes & NobleNook HD+ovation
GoogleGalaxy Nexus (GSM)maguro
GoogleGalaxy Nexus (Sprint)toroplus
GoogleGalaxy Nexus (Verizon)toro
GoogleNexus 4mako
GoogleNexus 5hammerhead
GoogleNexus 7 (GSM)tilapia
GoogleNexus 7 (Wi-Fi)grouper
GoogleNexus 7 (2013 version) (Wi-Fi)flo
GoogleNexus 10manta
GoogleNexus Onepassion
GoogleNexus Qsteelhead
GoogleNexus Screspo
GoogleNexus S 4Gcrespo4g
HardkernelOdroid U2odroidu2
Hewlett PackardTouchPadtenderloin
HTCAmaze 4Gruby
HTCDesire (GSM)bravo
HTCDesire (CDMA)bravoc
HTCDesire HDace
HTCDesire Ssaga
HTCDesire Zvision
HTCDream / Magicdream_sapphire
HTCDroid Erisdesirec
HTCDroid Incredibleinc
HTCDroid Incredible 2vivow
HTCDroid Incredible 4G LTEfireball
HTCEvo 3D (GSM)shooteru
HTCEvo 4Gsupersonic
HTCEvo 4G LTEjewel
HTCEvo Shift 4Gspeedy
HTCHero (CDMA)heroc
HTCHero (GSM)hero
HTCIncredible Svivo
HTCmyTouch 3G Slideespresso
HTCmyTouch 4Gglacier
HTCmyTouch 4G Slidedoubleshot
HTCOne (AT&T)m7att
HTCOne (GSM)m7ul
HTCOne (Sprint)m7spr
HTCOne (T-Mobile)m7tmo
HTCOne (Verizon)m7vzw
HTCOne Sville
HTCOne X (Snapdragon S4)evita
HTCOne X (Tegra 3)endeavoru
HTCOne X+enrc2b
HTCRaider 4Gholiday
HuaweiIDEOS U8150u8150
LGmyTouch Qc800
LGNitro HDp930
LGOptimus 2Xp990
LGOptimus 3Dp920
LGOptimus 3D Maxp720
LGOptimus 4X HDp880
LGOptimus Blackp970
LGOptimus Chice720
LGOptimus G (GSM)e975
LGOptimus Hube510
LGOptimus L3e400
LGOptimus L5e610
LGOptimus L7p700
LGOptimus L9p760
LGOptimus LTEp930
LGOptimus LTE (SK Telecom)su640
LGOptimus Mep350
LGOptimus Onep500
LGOptimus Proc660
LGOptimus Sole730
LGThrill 4Gp925
MotorolaAtrix 4Golympus
MotorolaAtrix HDmb886
MotorolaCliq XTzeppelin
MotorolaDroid 2droid2
MotorolaDroid 2 Globaldroid2we
MotorolaDroid 3solana
MotorolaDroid 4maserati
MotorolaDroid Bionictarga
MotorolaDroid Razrspyder
MotorolaDroid Xshadow
MotorolaMotorola Photon Q 4G LTE (GSM/CDMA)xt897/xt987c
MotorolaXoom (GSM)everest
MotorolaXoom (Verizon)stingray
MotorolaXoom (Wi-Fi)wingray
OnePlusOnePlus OneN/A
OPPOFind 5find5
SamsungEpic 4Gepicmtd
SamsungGalaxy Acecooper
SamsungGalaxy Ace "i"cooperve
SamsungGalaxy Fits5670
SamsungGalaxy Minitass
SamsungGalaxy Mini IIjenad
SamsungGalaxy Note (AT&T)quincyatt
SamsungGalaxy Note (GSM)n7000
SamsungGalaxy Note (T-Mobile)quincytmo
SamsungGalaxy Note 10.1 (GSM)n8000
SamsungGalaxy Note 10.1 (Wi-Fi)n8013
SamsungGalaxy Note II (AT&T)t0lteatt
SamsungGalaxy Note II (GSM LTE)t0lte
SamsungGalaxy Note II (GSM Non-LTE)n7100
SamsungGalaxy Note II (Sprint)l900
SamsungGalaxy Note II (T-Mobile)t0ltetmo
SamsungGalaxy Note II (U.S. Cellular)r950
SamsungGalaxy Note II (Verizon)i605
SamsungGalaxy Ri9103
SamsungGalaxy Sgalaxysmtd
SamsungGalaxy S (GT-I9000B)galaxysbmtd
SamsungGalaxy S Blaze 4Gt769
SamsungGalaxy S II (AT&T)i777
SamsungGalaxy S II (GSM)i9100
SamsungGalaxy S II (GT-I9100G)i9100g
SamsungGalaxy S II (T-Mobile)hercules
SamsungGalaxy S II Skyrocketskyrocket
SamsungGalaxy S III (AT&T)d2att
SamsungGalaxy S III (Cricket)d2cri
SamsungGalaxy S III (GSM LTE)i9305
SamsungGalaxy S III (GSM Non-LTE)i9300
SamsungGalaxy S III (MetroPCS)d2mtr
SamsungGalaxy S III (Sprint)d2spr
SamsungGalaxy S III (T-Mobile)d2tmo
SamsungGalaxy S III (U.S. Cellular)d2usc
SamsungGalaxy S III (Verizon)d2vzw
SamsungGalaxy S III Minii-8910,i-8190N,i-8190L
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S Relay 4G (T-Mobile)apexqtmo
SamsungGalaxy Tab (CDMA)p1c
SamsungGalaxy Tab (GSM)p1
SamsungGalaxy Tab (GT-P1000L)p1l
SamsungGalaxy Tab (GT-P1000N)p1n
SamsungGalaxy Tab 2 7.0 (GSM)p3100
SamsungGalaxy Tab 2 7.0 (Wi-Fi)p3110
SamsungGalaxy Tab 2 10.1 (GSM)p5100
SamsungGalaxy Tab 2 10.1 (Wi-Fi)p5110
SamsungGalaxy Tab 8.9 (GSM)p5
SamsungGalaxy Tab 8.9 (Wi-Fi)p5wifi
SamsungGalaxy Tab 10.1 (GSM)p4
SamsungGalaxy Tab 10.1 (T-Mobile)p4tmo
SamsungGalaxy Tab 10.1 (Verizon)p4vzw
SamsungGalaxy Tab 10.1 (Wi-Fi)p4wifi
SamsungGalaxy Tab 10.1Vp3
SonyXperia Snozomi
SonyXperia acro Shikari
SonyXperia ionaoba
SonyXperia Tmint
SonyXperia Tablet Z (GSM)pollux
SonyXperia Tablet Z (Wi-Fi)pollux_windy
SonyXperia Vtsubasa
SonyXperia Zyuga
SonyXperia ZLodin
Sony EricssonLive With Walkmancoconut
Sony EricssonXperia activesatsuma
Sony EricssonXperia arcanzu
Sony EricssonXperia neohallon
Sony EricssonXperia neo Vhaida
Sony EricssonXperia minismultron
Sony EricssonXperia mini promango
Sony EricssonXperia Play (CDMA)zeusc
Sony EricssonXperia Play (GSM)zeus
Sony EricssonXperia proiyokan
Sony EricssonXperia rayurushi
Sony EricssonXperia X8shakira
Sony EricssonXperia X10es209ra
Sony EricssonXperia X10 minirobyn
Sony EricssonXperia X10 mini promimmi
ViewSonicG Tabletsmb_a1002

2. Paranoid Android:

Arguably, the best custom ROM, Paranoid Android is the most preferred custom ROM for flashing Android devices. The ROM comes with remarkable features for strong personalization, setting apps based DPI, and multiple interfaces for the best ever Android experience. If you happen to be a person who kind of likes colors, this ROM could be the one that befits your needs just the way you would want.

Follow this link of XDA developers to know the list of devices supported by Paranoid Android.

3. Slim Bean:

For anyone who thinks less is always more, this is the best custom ROM she/he can get their hands on. Being one of the simplest custom ROMs, Slim Bean provides options to get regular updates with a single touch. One of the best features that might draw an Android geek to this ROM is the quick custom settings tiles and you would be surprised to see how cool it looks on the phone. Needless to say, this feature increases the usability of the ROM impressively.

SlimBean Supports 

FamilyModelSlimroms codename
Nexus tabletsNexus 10manta
Nexus tabletsNexus 7grouper
Nexus tabletsNexus 7 3Gtilapia
Nexus tabletsNexus 7 2013flo
Nexus tabletsNexus 7 LTEdeb
Nexus PhonesNexus 4mako
Nexus PhonesGalaxy Nexus GSMmaguro
Nexus PhonesGalaxy Nexus Verizontoro
Nexus PhonesGalaxy Nexus Sprinttoroplus
Nexus PhonesNexus Screspo
Nexus PhonesNexus 5hammerhead
Galaxy Note FamilyNoten7000
Galaxy Note FamilyNote IIn7100
Galaxy Note FamilyNote II LTEt0lte
Galaxy Note FamilyNote II AT&Tt0lteatt
Galaxy Note FamilyNote II T-Mobilet0ltetmo
Galaxy Note FamilyNote IIIHlte
Galaxy Note FamilyGalaxy Note 8 (3g&wifi)N5100
Galaxy Note FamilyGalaxy Note 8 (wifi)N5110
Galaxy Note FamilyGalaxy Note 8 (LTE)N5110
Galaxy S4 FamilyS4 LTE unifiedjflte
Galaxy S3 FamilyS3 internationali9300
Galaxy S3 FamilyLTE Galaxy S3 (qcom) unifiedd2lte
Galaxy S2 FamilyS2 internationali9100
Galaxy S2 FamilyS2 internationali9100g
Galaxy S FamilyS internationalgalaxysmtd
Galaxy Tab FamilyTab 2 7.0 3G/GSMp3100
Galaxy Tab FamilyTab 2 7.0 Wifip3110
Galaxy Tab FamilyTab 2 10.0 3G/GSMp5100
Galaxy Tab FamilyTab 2 10.0 Wifip5110
HTC One FamilyOne (M7) UnifiedM7
HTC One FamilyOne (M8) UnifiedM8
Motorola FamilyRazr HDxt925
Motorola FamilyDroid Razr HDxt926
Motorola FamilyMoto Gfalcon
LGE FamilyAT&T G2d800
LGE FamilyTmobile G2d801
LGE FamilyInt G2d802
LGE FamilyCanada G2d803
LGE FamilyVerizon G2vs980
LGE FamilySprint G2ls980
LGE FamilyAT&T Optimus Ge970
LGE FamilyOptimus G 2600e971
LGE FamilyOptimus Ge973
Sony FamilyXperia Z1Honami
Sony FamilyXperia ZYuga

4. RootBox:

Available for most Nexus and Samsung devices, the RootBox ROM takes advantage of cherry picks from CyanogenMod and AOKP. It calls for smooth and perfect navigation through multiple screens. Vanilla RootBox meets customer expectation by releasing regular updates more often than not unlike some of the other custom ROMs in the market.  Housing features like regular OTA updates, Per app DPI and stunning Per app Tablet UIs, make the ROM inferior to no other custom ROMs out there in the market.

Follow this link to know detailed information about RootBox and list of supported devices.

5. AOKP:

Ice Cream Sandwich as its base, the ROM has started rolling out in 2011. This one provides a wide plethora of features to the end user. The ROM provides plenty of options to customize LED notification and regular performance tweaks thanks to the support team. AOKP can help you set customized vibration patterns for multiple contacts and you can easily understand who is calling even when your phone is in your pocket thanks to the powerful customization features of AOKP. It can be obtained from the official AOKP website.

AOKP Supports

ModelAOKP codename
Motorola Droid 3 (XT862)solana
Motorola Droid 4 (XT894)maserati
Motorola Droid Bionic (XT875)targa
Motorola Droid RAZR (GSM / XT910)umtsspyder
Motorola Droid RAZR (VZW / XT912)spyder
OPPO Find 5find5
LG G Pad 8.3v500
LG G2 (AT&T)d800
LG G2 (GSM-LTE)d802
LG G2 (Sprint)ls980
LG G2 (T-Mobile)d801
LG G2 (Verizon)vs980
Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM)maguro
Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Sprint)toroplus
Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Verizon)toro
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (AT&T)t0lteatt
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (GSM-LTE)t0lte
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Sprint)l900
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (T-Mobile)t0ltetmo
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Verizon)i605
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE (Unified)hlte
Samsung Galaxy S2 (Intl. Exynos)i9100
Samsung Galaxy S2 (Intl. OMAP)i9100g
Samsung Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile)hercules
Samsung Galaxy S3 (AT&T)d2att
Samsung Galaxy S3 (Intl.)i9300
Samsung Galaxy S3 (T-Mobile)d2tmo
Samsung Galaxy S3 (US Cell)d2usc
Samsung Galaxy S3 (Verizon)d2vzw
Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE (Unified)d2lte
Samsung Galaxy S4 (C Spire)jfltecsp
Samsung Galaxy S4 (Cricket)jfltecri
Samsung Galaxy S4 (Intl.)i9500
Samsung Galaxy S4 (Sprint)jfltespr
Samsung Galaxy S4 (T-Mobile)jfltetmo
Samsung Galaxy S4 (US Cell)jflteusc
Samsung Galaxy S4 (Verizon)jfltevzw
Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE (Unified)jflte
Live with Walkmancoconut
Moto X (T-Mobile)xt1053
Moto X (unified) | Droid Maxx-Dev Editionmoto_msm8960dt
Moto X (Verizon Dev Version)xt1060
Nexus 10manta
Nexus 4mako
Nexus 5hammerhead
Nexus 7 (2013) WiFiflo
Nexus 7 (GSM)tilapia
Nexus 7 (WiFi)grouper
Nitro HD (AT&T)p930
HTC One (AT&T) - legacy buildsm7att
HTC One (Generic GSM)m7
HTC One (Intl.) - legacy buildsm7ul
HTC One (m8)m8
HTC One (Sprint)m7spr
HTC One (T-Mobile) - legacy buildsm7tmo
HTC One (Verizon)m7vzw
HTC One XL (AT&T)evita
Optimus (LTE)su640
Spectrum (LTE)vs920
Vibrant (T-Mobile)vibrantmtd
Xperia Activesatsuma
Xperia Arc/Arc Sanzu
Xperia Minismultron
Xperia Mini Promango
Xperia Neohallon
Xperia Neo Vhaida
Xperia Proiyokan
Xperia Rayurushi
Xperia SPhuashan
Xperia Tmint
Xperia Tablet Z (LTE)pollux
Xperia Tablet Z (WiFi)polluxwindy
Xperia TXhayabusa
Xperia Vtsubasa
Xperia Zyuga
Xperia Z Ultratogari
Xperia Z1honami
Xperia Z1 Compactamami
Xperia ZLodin
Xperia ZRdogo

6. Carbon:

Taking some serious inspirations from CyanogenMod, Carbon offers features like lockscreen shortcuts, customizable on-screen buttons and toggles. With Carbon, you will never run out of options to customize any screen or option on your phone. The wide plethora of choices would never turn you off seeing the same interface over and over again. This is really worth a try for an Android user who loves great UI. If personalization is what sets the deal for you, it is about time you move to Carbon ROM.

Here you can find the list of devices which Carbon ROM supports.

7. Pacman:

If you have ever thought of getting the features of best ROMs all in one place, Pacman might be the one you may want to flash your device with. This ROM is a confluence of features from Paranoid Android, AOKPandCyanogenMod. You get a Cyanogen account, unicorns and Pie with this ROM. One of the best perks that you can get with the Pacman ROM is that with little effort, you can get a Cyanogen account, unicorns and Pie with this ROM.

You can use this link to know whether this ROM supports your device or not.

8. CleanROM:

As the name suggests, CleanROM offers nothing but clean ROM removing all unwanted extra codes from the OS. The ROM is simply smooth, clean and surprisingly stable unlike most of the other rookies in the business.  With init.d support and Aroma installer, the ROM is tweaked for stability and performance improvements.  Devoid of any unwanted and annoying features that kill the true android experience, this one is a great ROM that Android geeks would soon love.

9. Xenon HD:

If having more features is what makes a ROM best for you, then Xenon HD would fit you the best. Features like custom toggles, ROM settings menu and custom camera-options meet here proving great Android experience. The Xenon HD, packs intense performance tuning options which can ensure excellent user experience even when multiple applications run at the background.

10. EuroSkank:

A popular Kang of CyanogenMod, EuroSkank has more features than CyanogenMod itself. Sharing many of the popular features of CyanogenMod, EuroSkank has tweaked its performance providing great performance and scintillating gaming experience. The only thing that pulls the back this great ROM is the number of supported devices which is very minimal but working that can seriously place this ROM among the best players in the custom ROM scenario for sure. It supports many devices making it a strong rival for all other custom ROMs.

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If you have never experienced the true Android OS, one of the above will sure help you and from my personal experience, well, it is sure awesome!

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