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9 Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android

Not all the pictures in our phone are meant to be viewed by anyone. We may have many private pictures that are only stored for our eyes. Unfortunately, anyone may grab hold of your smartphone or you may accidentally give away your phone to your friend. This may lead to compromising your privacy leading to potential harm. So, what you need is a way to hide all the photos and videos that you don’t want others to see. If you are an Android user, Google Play Store has tons of apps to hide photos and videos, that you can use for Free! In this article, we have gathered the best photo and video hiding apps available on the Play Store. You just need to pick the one that suits you best.

Best Photos and Video Hiding Apps for Android

1. Hide Pictures in Vaulty

Vaulty is one of the oldest and most reliable app for hiding photos and videos on Android with over 4 years of presence. It has a straightforward interface with many advanced features. You can easily hide pictures and videos from your phone Gallery into Vaulty, and then password-protect it so no one could access it.

If someone tries to access password protected Vault and enters the wrong password, Vaulty will take a picture and let you know. Furthermore, you can also save your photos and videos to Vaulty’s online backup service to restore them in case they get deleted.

You can organize different types of media in more than one vaults with different passwords. Some of its features include, Photo editing, Full screen zoom, Filters, Private Camera and organizing media in albums.

Key Features: Takes picture of the culprit, provides online backup and intuitive interface.

Pricing: Free and offers in app purchases

Download Vaulty

2. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

Vault is an all-round app for hiding all the data in your phone including, photos and videos, SMS, contacts and even Apps. You can easily add all this data to your vault and then password protect it to ensure no one has access to it. 

It also has some interesting advanced features to protect your phone’s data. You can create a Fake Vault with fake pictures to fool people into thinking they have accessed the real vault. You can also hide the vault app itself, so no one will be able to know that the app even exists.

It also has some of Vaulty features like, taking picture of a person who tries to access the vault and create a cloud backup of all the data.

Key Features: Hides all types of data, offers different features to hide the vault and creates a backup of your data.

Pricing: Free limited version

Download Vault

3. Hide pictures KeepSafe Vault

KeepSafe is another fully featured app with tons of customization options and tricks to protect your photos. It has a simple interface for quick navigation and photos can be added to it right from the phone Gallery. All the photos inside can be protected with PIN, and while using KeepSafe your app list will not show its presence.

It also has many advanced features that may also require you to buy the premium version, but they are worth it. To fool people, you can change album cover picture, add a fake pin and disguise KeepSafe as a different app.

You can also send self destruct photos from your safe vault that will completely vanish from existence after 20 seconds. It will also take a picture and show you the wrong entered PIN if anyone tries to access your vault.

Key Features: Send self destruct photos, many methods to fool people and a clean interface.

Pricing: Free

Download KeepSafe

4. Hide Pictures Hide it Pro

This is another all-round app that will let you hide pictures, videos, apps, SMS and contacts with just few taps. Best of all, it is completely free to use and you don’t need any kind of premium subscription. The app works as an Audio manager to hide its identity and ensure data safety.

It also provides great customizations options and navigation tools. You can easily categorize or sort data, zoom in/out, view images in slideshow, play videos and many other simple tweaks.

You can use both PIN and a password to protect your data, and the app also doesn’t show up in the apps list. All your important data is encrypted with AES 256-encryption for maximum security. If you think that these features are a bit limited, then you should know that the app also has plugins support. You can add different plugins to further increase functionality such as private messaging, private browsing, locking apps, etc.

Key Features: Encrypted data, completely free and comes with plugin support.

Pricing: Free

Download Hide it Pro

5. Safe Gallery Free

It is a simple media hiding app that will password protect all your media files in the Gallery. The data can be protected with three different types of locks – Pin, Password and Pattern protection. It will also backup all your data in the app so you could restore it in the situation of data loss.

Apart from locking media in your phone gallery, Safe Gallery Free can also lock images from web pages with just a tap. These web page images will be separately categorized, so you could easily know which images are from gallery and which are from the web.

You can also hide the app with “App Hide Mode” and the system will not show that app is even present on your phone’s system. You can then recover the app by dialing a Pin in the phone’s dial pad.

Key Features: Free, different locking methods, backs up data and locks images from the web.

Pricing: Free

Download Safe Gallery Free

6. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault is a photo and video hiding app with robust customization options. You can add password/Pin on the app and also on the albums inside it. This will let you add two passwords on your Photos/ videos. One to access the app and second to access the photos inside the albums.

You can send your locked photos to anyone via text message or email right from the app. You have full control over your photos and videos in the apps, you can move, zoom in/out and even slideshow photos from the app.

It doesn’t have many tricks up its sleeve, but it does offer the most common and important ones. The app will take a photos and GPS coordinates whenever someone tries to access the vault and you can also use a fake password and pictures to fool people and protect the real photos.

Key Features: Double protection with two passwords, full control over photos and videos and easily share the locked photos.

Pricing: Free limited features and Pro for $3.99

Download Private Photo Vault

7. Fotox

If you need some good security and backup features for your private photos, then Fotox is a reliable app. It offers four types of locking methods – including Pin, Password, Pattern and Face Detection. You can conveniently add photos and videos to your vault by taking the picture from the app, sharing them to Fotox or searching the gallery.

Your private photos can be backed up to Fotox cloud storage, that can be accessed from anywhere with full sync. To protect your photos, you can either completely hide the app so the system won’t detect it, or add a fake crash message so the others will think that the app has crashed.

The uninstall process can also be blocked, so no one will be able to uninstall the app except the user.

Key Features: up to four locking methods, cloud backup and different methods to secure the app and data.

Pricing: Free

Download Fotox

8. Photo Locker

Photo Locker is a good app for media security and privacy of your data. It doesn’t upload any data to the app servers, protecting your privacy and provides great security features. All the data inside Photo Locker is encrypted to ensure no one could see it even if they get full control over the phone.

The photos can be easily added to the locker via different means, and you will get full control over the photos inside the app, such as zooming, panning and slideshow view. It will also auto lock itself if your phone goes to sleep. It might be annoying, but it will save you if you forget to lock the app.

Pictures can also be easily restored from the locker for simple and fast working. Furthermore, the password recovery method is also quite secure and easy, you can easily recover password with your email.

Key Features: Encrypts all photos, Auto lock and easy password recovery.

Pricing: Limited free version and Pro for $4.99

Download Photo Locker

9. Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock has an intuitive interface and offers all the features in one package. Although, it doesn’t have anything unique, but it combines all the common (important) features into one single intuitive interface. The app can lock all your private photos and videos with password protection and let you navigate your media inside the app.

The app can go into stealth mode to hide it from the system, and if anyone tries to access the app, it will take a photo. Your data can be backed up to your Google drive, Dropbox or Box account. You can easily add photos/videos to Gallery Lock using different methods, both from inside the app and the gallery. You can even add whole folders to Gallery Lock for easier hiding.

Key Features: Intuitive interface, tons of features and free.

Pricing: Free

Download Gallery Lock

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Hope this articles helped you with your search for apps to hide photos, videos and SMS on your Android device. All these apps run smoothly on almost all the Android versions (Kitkat, Lollipop and Marshmallow).


  1. Hello guys ! Can any one suggest me the best pics hiding aap … I have tried several aap like keep safe but I lost some about 200 pics it was not showing …then I tried vault n what usually happens is when I hide pics it still shows them in gallery!!????

  2. WHY don’t you explain the difference between “hiding” and “encrypting” pictures and videos. Those apps that ‘hide’ do not protect against a simple search with a file manager for you to find any picture or video. Its misleading not to explain this difference. As of now, the only app that encrypts is “Vaulty”. The others just hide which is doing nothing except adding a password layer.

    1. Agree dude
      You are like mine
      I am finding an app that encrypt pics and also has multi vault to encrypt data instead of hiding

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