NFTs Explained: What is an NFT and What is Its Use

After Bitcoin and Blockchain, NFT is another word to have entered our lexicon. The buzzword is everywhere and people are wondering what is NFT and what is its use? Well, there is not really a one-line explainer. And that’s why […]

How to Create NFT for Free with No Gas Fee

With cryptocurrency becoming mainstream and even browsers getting crypto wallets, the world of Crypto is here to stay. A major part of this world is the NFTs. Almost all popular artists, good or bad alike are creating their own NFT […]

Opera Crypto Browser Now Available on iOS

Having launched its crypto browser on Windows, Mac, and Android earlier this year, Opera has now brought the browser to iOS. Web3 and crypto adopters can now start using Opera’s crypto browser on iPhones. Opera Crypto Browser Launches on iOS […]