how to create and send whatsapp avatars

How to Create and Send WhatsApp Avatars

WhatsApp chats, or conversations in general, become more fun when you bring emojis and stickers into the mix. WhatsApp already offers the ability to send stickers in chats on its messaging platform. But now, you can make and send avatars […]

whatsapp communities vs groups

WhatsApp Communities vs Groups: What’s the Difference?

The much-awaited WhatsApp Communities feature is rolling out to users globally, and everyone is wondering what exactly is this feature. Not only that, but many are also comparing WhatsApp Communities to groups and questioning the need for the former. Well, […]

how to message yourself on whatsapp

How to Message Yourself on WhatsApp

There are times when you come across messages, memes, videos, or other information in WhatsApp conversation that you wish to save for later use. You do have the option to star messages to bookmark specific messages and revisit them later. […]

how to use the same whatsapp number on two phones

How to Use the Same WhatsApp Account on Two Phones

With its mass popularity and ease of use, it’s no surprise that WhatsApp as a messenger has amassed such a massive userbase. With billions using the app for daily conversations, WhatsApp is one of the most used chat messengers in […]

how to hide whatsapp online status

How to Hide Your Online Status on WhatsApp

The Meta-owned messaging giant has been trying to make it easier to use WhatsApp on multiple devices (without internet on the primary device) and transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone. But, over the past year or so, users have […]

how to create and use whatsapp call links

How to Create and Share WhatsApp Audio/ Video Call Links

With a userbase of over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is already the go-to audio and video calling service for many users worldwide. And now, the Meta-owned messaging company is preparing more collaborative features ahead of the release of the much-awaited […]