How to Change DNS Settings in Windows 10 website shutterstock

How to Change DNS Settings in Windows 10

You can change the DNS server for your internet connection on all modern PC and smartphone operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Today, we will learn how you can change DNS settings in Windows 10 in a […]


People of France Can Now Transfer Money Via Tweets

Twitter has always been regarded as a great medium to connect with people round the globe. So much so, that it has become the go to destination for anyone who’s trying to find a way to connect with celebrities they […]

Currencies of the world in pictures

56 Amazing Examples Of Beautiful Currencies Of The World

Every country has a currency of its own, except for some countries. A currency’s design is kept in such a way that it shows its country’s culture, history and interests over the time. But out of all the currencies which exists, we have […]

Most Interesting Facts About Reddit

Today I Learned, 6 Most Interesting Facts About Reddit

I am back with yet another interesting post with lots of not-so-known facts and this time we have Reddit facts. Reddit is my favorite website even though none of my posts on Reddit have got enough up-votes to be seen […]

Facts About Bitcoin

Today I Learned, 4 Most Interesting Facts About Bitcoin

  Bitcoin (BTC) is world’s first digital currency which is not controlled by any Government or bank. It was launched in 2009. Since there is no bank involved in the distribution of bitcoins, a complex mathematical mechanism known as ‘Bitcoin […]

6 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Twitter (2013)

6 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Twitter

So you think you know everything about Twitter? I doubt and so does the results of the research conducted by Edison Research in which more than 1700 people aged 12 and above from America participated. The results have unveiled some […]