how to watch ice age movies in order

How to Watch Ice Age Movies In Order

Do you think the Ice Age has left an impact on the world? No, I’m not talking about the global phenomenon, but the movie franchise. Ice Age is one of the longest-running animated franchises we have seen. So far, it […]

New Intel Chip Vulnerability 'Load Value Injection' Affects SGX

New Intel Chip Vulnerability ‘Load Value Injection’ Found

After Spectre and Meltdown, Intel chips are on the news again for a new vulnerability. The newest threat is called Load Value Injection and it allows attackers to access Intel’s Software Guard eXstensions (SGX) – the part responsible for storing […]

What is TPM and Why is It Essential For Windows 11

What Is TPM and Why Is It Essential for Windows 11

After Microsoft announced the minimum system requirement for Windows 11, all hell broke loose as users discovered they need a TPM chip to run Windows 11. The updated PC Health app can now check if your PC can run Windows […]

Best TV shows on Apple TV Plus

15 Best Shows on Apple TV+ You Should Watch

TV shows are everywhere, and they are widely loved. After all, they usually offer a nice, arching story, in bite-sized episodes that build up interest and lead you to a (hopefully) amazing finale. While you must have seen all the […]

best animated movies of all time featured

35 Best Animated Movies You Can Watch

How do you like animated movies? There are currently several animation studios in the industry like Dreamworks, Pixar, Disney, Sony Pictures, and more. All these studios have given us numerous animated movies which are both praiseworthy and entertaining. However, it […]