Warren Buffet Prefers a Flip Phone over Any Smartphone

Warren Buffett Prefers a Flip Phone over Any Smartphone

Warren Buffett, the billionaire business magnate and philanthropist, apparently uses a flip-phone. In a recent exchange with CNBC, Buffett said that he’s not ready to give up his flip-phone. Apple Chief Tim Cook personally tried to get Buffett to start […]

new 13-inch macbook pro

macOS Beta Code Hints at Face ID for the Mac

Apple’s Face ID implementation has caught on pretty well ever since it was first launched with the iPhone X in 2017. However, it’s only available on the iPhone. That might change soon, and if you’re hoping to be able to […]

here's a list of iOS 15 compatible devices

Here’s a Complete List of iOS 15 Compatible Devices

At its WWDC 2021 event, Apple has officially announced iOS 15 with an absolute truck-load of new features and changes. There are updates to everything from things like SharePlay in FaceTime, a new Focus Mode, and improvements to Notifications with […]