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Facebook’s News Feed Is Now Just “Feed”

Facebook is renaming its News Feed, which is its primary section for users to see posts from others, to just Feed. The change, which was announced via a recent post, appears to be a part of the recent Meta rebrand. […]

Facebook Keeps Logging Me out — How to Fix?

Facebook Keeps Logging Me Out — How to Fix?

Facebook might be losing traction among users these days, but it remains, for me, the place to go to for watching funny animal videos, and heartwarming rescue stories. However, getting logged out of your Facebook account when you’re watching a […]

how to check and recover hacked Facebook Account

How to Check and Recover Your Hacked Facebook Account

With more than 2.93 billion users to steal information from, Facebook is one of the biggest targets of hackers. Hackers are trying every day to hack into user accounts to steal personal information, spam ads & offers, or spy on someone […]

how to change facebook password

How to Change Facebook Password

Changing your Facebook password is an effective measure to enhance your account’s security, especially if you have reused your password elsewhere or it was compromised in a data breach. Facebook offers the option to change the account password across all […]

How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook

How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode on Web, iPhone, & Android

Like most popular social media apps, Facebook offers a dark mode that you can choose to enable for your account. Facebook’s dark mode goes easy on your eyes when you’re scrolling through your feed at night. This article details how […]

How to Create Facebook Business Account

How to Create Facebook Business Account

Having a business account on Facebook is an essential step to boost your business’ social media presence. With a business page on Facebook, you can attract new customers and engage them with posts related to your business. If you are […]

How to Go Live on Facebook

How to Go Live on Facebook

Facebook Live sessions help you interact and connect with your friends and followers. Starting a live stream on Facebook is effortlessly simple and lets you showcase something to the world. If you are new to Facebook and are not familiar […]

How to Log out of Facebook

How to Log out of Facebook

There are times when you want to leave Facebook without having to quit the platform altogether. That’s exactly where the option to log out of your account comes in handy. Whether it is for taking a short break from Facebook […]